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    Engineering and Innovation at the University of Birmingham #WeVolver #Hardware #Community #news

    Engineering and Innovation at the University of Birmingham

    For over 100 years, innovative academic research at the University of Birmingham has influenced society and made an impact on people’s lives. Birmingham is where pacemakers, plastic heart valves, and the cavity magnetron was developed, leading to applications ...
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    Wevolver enables a fast, effective way to collaborate on hardware projects in the field of robotics, healthcare, and clean energy.

    Our secure version control system enables hardware developers to develop iterations in parallel with other team members, allowing more flexibility for changes and fewer bottlenecks.

    By developing iterations in parallel, securely supported by a version control system, teams work effectively and can focus on engineering great technology.

    Project documentation on Wevolver can be private or public, you can discover those projects here: www.wevolver.com/projects

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