STUDIO TIKA INNOVATION is an invention platform to make the creation of consumer tech simple and accessible through co-creation by creators, manufacturers and us with intellectual property awareness. We validate gadget ideas, create it with our core manufacturer partners, and bring the gadget to market under our Tika brand.

We are creating a low barrier of entry for inventors by helping them navigate the invention jungle for hardwares. You no longer need to deal with sourcing the material, prototyping it, and commercializing it. Our website allows creators to submit their consumer tech ideas in return for valuable product creation and real time businesses operation experiences and royalties. For design manufacturers, you no longer have to provide the same products as your competitors and/or taking the last breathe of pricing-war as always the only strategy that works, we have a network of designers and inventors ready to provide you a steady stream of innovative ideas that has been validated by the market and our Tika community.

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Hong Kong / Shenzhen / Taiwan / USAHong Kong S.A.R., China