Shape Prototype is a product manufacturing team dedicated to providing product manufacturing solution for hardware / IoT startups and SMEs. Based in and around Shenzhen - the largest electronics and moulding hub in the world, with extensive resource and connections in the industry, we have delivered world-class parts and services to companies worldwide.

As a factory owner we are aware that, often, when a manufactured part or product reached to a client, it could have been passed through several intermediaries and that the production cost could have been doubled several times, regrettably, puts a financial strain on the early days of a startup. Shape Prototype bridges the gap between the startup and manufacturer; this could not only help ease the manufacturing process but also save the production cost that would have spent if through intermediaries.

Shape Prototype is aiming to help startups by providing the most economical and effective prototyping and manufacturing solution through our extensive manufacturing expertise in our in-house facilities, broad network in material and hardware sourcing, as well as highly experienced project management skills.

From 1 to 100,000+ custom parts, from prototyping to rapid tooling to volume production, we provide personal assistance on every project. Contact us today and discover a better way to approach manufacturing!

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