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We Provide the Platform, You Provide the Content

Hardware Startups have questions, you have answers.  Startups are challenging to work with, but a lot of fun as well.  The benefit of our webinar series to you is that you can engage with our startup community to find some potential clients, help startups get closer to realizing their dreams, and do it on a one-to-many basis to maximize effectiveness and control your costs!  By partnering with Hardware Massive in our webinar series, you will:  

  • Fill your marketing funnel and/or access a new potential global customer base
  • Educate the customer so they can become a better potential customer
  • Cover your costs(!) for your time, and potentially make some money doing it
  • Be showcased to our hardware startup community as an expert
  • Leverage our platform and payment system for efficient distribution

How Does it Work?

Working with us is very simple.

  1. Submit your proposal with information about your webinar topic, title, and price.
  2. We work together to establish a date & time for your webinar.  All webinars must have a minimum of 4 weeks of promotion.  
  3. You provide the marketing copy and material, and we publish it on our resource and event platform.
  4. We work together to co-promote the webinar.   
  5. We provide the software for you to deploy your webinar
  6. Your webinar is recorded and sent to you for your records
  7. You get leads and get paid.

Payment Structure

  • Hardware Massive takes a flat 25% on all webinars.
  • Registrations payments are taken through our stripe account.
  • Your commission as the webinar presenter will be paid out through Hardware Massive Platform through our stripe account.
  • Commission will be paid out within one week of the conclusion of the webinar.

Terms of Agreement

  • Hardware Massive owns webinar content (media files, video, audio, etc.), but we will provide it to the webinar presenter for marketing purposes.
  • Complete contact information from list of attendees will be provided to the webinar presenter.
  • Hardware Massive reserves the right to sell and/or distribute webinar content after the event at its sole discretion.

Let’s work together and build a more educated hardware startup ecosystem so everyone wins!

When your ready, please submit your proposal by clicking the button below. We will get back to you within 1-2 days. If you have any questions or would like to discuss the terms, please contact us here

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