What’s Changing in the 21st Century and what’s the Impact on Hardware Innovation, Design, and Industrialization?

What’s Changing in the 21st Century and what’s the Impact on Hardware Innovation, Design, and Industrialization?

Experts Angelo Traas, Partner at TenX2, and Mike Mastroyiannis, Founder and Managing Partner at TenX2, discuss the technological impact of exponentially growing technologies focusing on innovation, design, and industrialization of electronic hardware products and systems. 

PART ONE: Exponential Growth

Today, we are in a world where the customers, not the companies, are empowered and empowered buyers demand a new level of customer obsession.

Current Phase: IoT, Big Data, and Exponential AI

Next Phase: Autonomous Entities

Linear vs. Exponential Mindset: Introduction/exponential technologies and applications

With information technologies growing exponentially, every field of business sector that has information content is growing and becomes or will become more efficient exponentially.

Examples: Computers/Smart phones, consumer electronics, cloud computing, 3D printing, nanotechnology, robotics, AI, VR/AR, biotechnology

Changes in the 21st Century: 5 Mega Trends

1. Age of urbanization 

2. Challenges of an aging world 

3. Greater global connections 

4. Climate change 

5. Accelerating technological change

Key Impacts of Exponential Technologies

1. Dematerialization: Physical products become digitized and are distributed as bits

2. Demonetization: Reduction of the value of a market segment by introducing a new business model

3. Democratization: Availability of key technologies/applications to almost everyone. Smartphones become the platform to access everything.

4. Industry and Market Boundaries are Fading: Redefining markets from “product-specific” to “customer-need” centric. Boundaries are fading as digital technologies penetrate industries and companies.

5. High Scalability: Think BIG! At least 10X better, bigger, and faster.

6. Crowds/Community-based Resources on Demand: You can now hire experts on demand.


Considerations for Success in the 21st Century

1. Are you thinking linearly or exponentially? 

2. What exponential technologies can you use to create a competitive edge?

3. What products or services are going to dematerialize or demonetize first in your industry? 

4. Which exponential technologies are going to disrupt your business? 

5. What will become free in your industry in the future?

PART TWO: Trends in Production and How to Ramp-up Successfully with your New Product


1. Production Design Phase

  • Trend: Smarter design tools: CAD/CAE/VR
  • Keep in Mind: Design for supply chain, design-in your control point, decide where to allocate production, and decide on delivery terms with customers.
  • Still Tricky: Key components with long lead times and limited leverage with suppliers to negotiate price.


2. Prototyping Phase

  • Trend: 3D printing for rapid prototyping
  • Keep in Mind: Make dedicated samples for rapid feedback, labels and bar codes, and environmental requirements and regulations.
  • Still Tricky: Out-of-box experience may not be good due to hand-made samples and your production partner cannot buy at your target prices.


3. Pilot Run Phase (Design Verification)

  • Trend: The Internet of Things (IoT) in production environment
  • Keep in Mind: Build small pilot quantity and do the Stress Testing, collect measurements, get regulatory testing done, and get environmental certificates.
  • Still Tricky: The ALT test may have some failure, supplier cannot meet critical dimensions, no environmental certificates for pilot materials.


4. Mass Production Phase

  • Trend: “Industry 4.0” / “Made in China 2025” transforming the manufacturing environment
  • Keep in Mind: All design and process issues solved and certificates received, resources on the line to analyze failures.
  • Still Tricky: Parts delivered are out of cosmetic spec, no production capacity available, surprise on final parts prices, and supplier cannot ramp-up on time.



How can you be faster, produce higher quality, and be a better value?


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About The Speakers

Angelo Traas

Angelo Traas

Partner, TenX2

Angelo is a Senior Executive with 25+ years of international Business & Operations experience in the Electronics Industry (B2B and B2C), both for MNCs and for start-ups in China/HK. He specialized in Value Creation through M&A and is aggressively expanding China Business Operations. He is also an NPI-expert and Certified Auditor for Corporate Social Responsibility compliance and a Practitioner Member of the Asian Transformation & Turnaround Association (ATTA). He has a masters degree in Robotics (cum laude) and has been based in Shenzhen China since 2001.

Mike Mastroyiannis

Mike Mastroyiannis

Founder and Managing Partner

Mike is an innovation management consultant as well as a business & management coach specializing in transformational leadership, exponential growth innovation, team breakthroughs and transformations. He has served three times as CEO of global business units in multinationals (Philips Electronics, Siemens). He founded and/or led 3 technology start-ups and has 3 decades of leadership experience with at least 3x fast turnarounds. He worked in both B2C and B2B industries (consumer electronics, digital communications, energy efficiency and digital lighting solutions) and has created and led innovative scalable global portfolios and systems.

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