Software for Hardware: Linking Manufacturers with the World through IoT

Software for Hardware: Linking Manufacturers with the World through IoT

Learn about how IoT is connecting manufacturers with hardware startups from Colton Pierson's talk at Hardware Massive Taipei at FutureWard Central.

Top Takeaways

1. Every Manufacturer Has Three Goals

Every manufacture has three goals in common - flexibility to fulfill customer demands, reliability in being on time and built right every time and efficiency with reduced labor and material costs. It's Assembly's goal to help manufacturers meet these three goals. 

2. Communication is the Main Issue

Communication is the overarching problem for people building things around the world. It's hard for you (or impossible) to be in the factory every day. However, the factory workers and your contacts at the manufacturing plant are there every day. So how you communicate with key people can determine the outcome of your product. 

3. What Assembly Does

Assembly installs systems that record data from sensors and cameras installed in the factory, and then trains the workers on how to properly build your product. It eliminates the need for a very long chain of communication between you and the eventual line worker. Assembly records what the workers are actually doing, so you can see what it's going on, wherever you are in the world. Within a few hours, you can react and say something is wrong, and prevent hundreds of units from being built incorrectly. This data can then be used later on, to help combat counterfeiting and other issues.

4. Assembly Doesn't Just Help Startups

While Assembly helps startup founders keep on eye on their manufacturing, the company also helps manufacturers, by providing their product to them as a service. Manufacturers rent consoles from Assembly at a monthly rate, Assembly handles the installation and maintenance and then charges for access to the data. The manufacturer can then use Assembly's presence as a selling point when getting new business. 

5. Overall Results

Assembly can improve quality of your products, by reducing product defects by 76 percent within five months of installation. 

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About The Speaker

Colton Pierson

Colton Pierson

Co-Founder & CTO of Assembly

Colton Pierson co-founded Assembly in 2014, invested by world renowned investors including Y Combinator (YC S15), Menlo Ventures and FundersClub. Assembly connects manufacturers with hardware companies through an IoT (Internet of Things) and data collection platform, making it possible to streamline processes, monitor quality and reduce costs. It is headquartered in Redwood City, California and rapidly expanding with presences in Suzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Qingdao. Originally from Tucson, Arizona, Colton dropped out of college and became a full stack developer building various mobile and web applications. He is currently CTO at Assembly, leading the company's technology development with manufacturers in Asia. He is in Taiwan for the first time through Anchor Taiwan, looking to connect with OEMs/ODMs and explore opportunities to work together. During this talk, Colton will share his experience dealing with Chinese manufacturers, as well as advice for both hardware founders and factory owners for better collaboration.

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