Mastering the Customer Journey

Mastering the Customer Journey

Build a successful customer journey as a panel of experts discuss important considerations and share their stories and advice on how to bring about a better customer experience. Featuring the following panelists: Greg Fisher, CEO and Founder of BSG and Hardware Massive; Dr. Frederick Wehrle, Director of International Initiatives at UC Berkeley Extension; Maya Zuckerman, Co-Founder at Transmedia SF; and Beth Rogozinski, Co-Founder at Transmedia SF.

What is the Customer Journey?

~ The Customer Journey is a method that allows you to figure out when and where the customer interacts with your brand and how you can optimize each interaction to achieve your goals.

~ It takes the perspective of a customer and allows you to break down each contact point, including things out of your control such as retail store environments, reviews, word-of-mouth, etc. – anything that influences customer behavior.

How do you make the customer journey successful?

~ The customer journey must be embedded in the entire process of product development.

~ You must understand who the customers are and what they want. What are you really selling? EXAMPLE: People don’t want a vacuum, they want a clean floor.

~ Get customer feedback early and often. This will help build relationships with your potential customers as well as provide key info on making your product successful.

~ Once you get to market, your customers will provide feedback. Follow their lead and listen.

~ Remember, customers become advocates and ambassadors for your product and brand.

What key points in the customer journey are important to remember and focus on?

Aside from the obvious: store environment, display, packaging, advertising, website, etc., it is important to keep them curious about the product. Think about each touch point you want the customer to experience and how you can make it so that they continue to transition through the process you have mapped out.

How much should you listen to customer feedback and allow?

You need to understand the psychographics of your true customer. Narrow the feedback down to the core people you are targeting.

Caution: From a manufacturing standpoint, you don’t want to add/take away too much. It is nearly impossible to incorporate all changes/suggestions, so choose wisely.

The customer journey is POWERFUL

Once you have done the research and mapped out the journey, investors and stakeholders WILL support you. It makes it very difficult for them to say “no.”

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About The Speakers

Greg Fisher

Greg Fisher

Founder & CEO of BSG

Greg Fisher is all about hardware innovation. As founder/CEO of Berkeley Sourcing Group, Greg has spent the last 14 years working with over 1000 hardware startups to develop and manufacture innovative products. Living in China 1/3rd of that time, he worked with hardware startups and factories to help improve their designs for manufacturing, quality and select factories, manage factory negotiations and relationships, and develop and implement quality control processes. With this history, Greg has a unique perspective and immense passion for what it takes for hardware startups to build the right foundation and scale their operations.

Maya Zuckerman

Maya Zuckerman

Founder at Transmedia SF

Maya is an entrepreneur, ecosystem thinker, cultural hacker and emerging media consultant who seeks to work on groundbreaking tech media projects and companies. She focuses on the intersection of where storytelling meets technology and where the tech world meets transformational culture.

Beth Rogozinski

Beth Rogozinski

Chief Content Officer at Pear Therapeutics

Media technology executive with over 20 years of technology and marketing experience in hardware, software, games, apps and services. Product and communications designer and strategist. Focused on delivering fiscal and other measurable results via quantitative and qualitative results analysis. Published author with extensive speaking and teaching experience. Produced films, campaigns, product launches and nearly 40 events. Helped to produce over 30 casual games and apps. Specialties: Game and transmedia development, mobile technologies and software development; strategic market development, ROI and marketing campaign measurement; partner relations and contract negotiations; branding, brand development and marketing communications.

Frederick Wehrle

Frederick Wehrle

Director of International Initiatives, UC Berkeley Extension

Frederick has successfully developed and tested new Customer Journey & Experience Design concepts with early-stage startups in Europe and the US. Frederick has a Ph.D. in Marketing and is one of the leading experts on innate biases in consumer behavior. He has founded the Center for Global Engagement of Planeta Education and Universities France, and he directed Accreditation and International Relations at Groupe EDC and served as Academic Director at Groupe IGS. As Assistant Professor and Researcher specialized in Consumer Behavior, he has founded the Eye-Tracking Lab of ICD International Business School.

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