Manufacturing For Hardware Startups

Manufacturing For Hardware Startups

As readers of the site will know, Greg is no stranger to manufacturing as CEO of BSG and a serial entrepreneur in his own right. Through BSG, he has over ten years of experience offering turnkey development and manufacturing in China and in this video, he shares some of the knowledge and discusses the key points that startups and entrepreneurs need to know.

If you missed the event, it’s well worth watching the talk back. As well as providing invaluable information for new hardware startups, the talk also looked at the differences between old-school manufacturing and the more modern breed of lean startups.


Greg starts by explaining the role of BSG in helping startups to find manufacturing – even before crowdfunding and other movements made it cool.

He then goes on to explain the importance of finding the right partners to work with:

  • Transparent
  • Responsive
  • Experienced (particularly with startups)
  • Able to execute at factory level

Later, Greg breaks down the roles and responsibilities of the startup/entrepreneur and those of the factory. It’s your responsibility to clearly define what needs to be made, including all tolerances and with test guidelines ideally. Their responsibility is simply making and testing the product according to that specification. So communication is key here – which may present a challenge if there is a language barrier.

Part of that clear communication is providing an accurate ‘Bill of Materials’ or BOM. Greg goes into a lot of detail regarding what makes a great BOM and how to avoid errors by being clear, concise and specific.

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