Make the Best First Impression with Retailers

Make the Best First Impression with Retailers

This spring, the Hardware Massive crew welcomed speaker Jeff Baltz, partner and co-founder at Amp Consulting, to the Transformative Technology Lab at Sofia University in Palo Alto.

Baltz has more than 20 years of experience in consumer electronics sales and operations, working with both manufactures in the United States and Asia. He’s also been able to successfully launch several product lines, and manage programs with retailers such as Target, Best Buy, Apple, Amazon and Walmart, among others. 

Key Takeaways

1) Help Buyers to Sell Your Product

When you sit down with the buyer, a lot of them can’t say yes, but they can say no. Part of your job in making that good first impression is helping them sell it. You only get a small time, and a little interaction, but you need to educate them, so they can sell that product to the DM. Tell them all the information they need to know to sell your product to their bosses, who CAN say yes, so that your product can get into the buyer’s stores.

2) Really Think About Your Customer?  

Who is your customer? It sounds simple, but really sit down and think about it. Don’t assume that your product is interesting, just because you think it’s interesting. Don’t assume your customer is just like you, and wants a product that seems interesting to you.

3) Understand Where Your Customers are Buying From

Where do your customers buy? Is it possible that your customer is buying something at Costco or Sam’s Club or a regional chain, like HH Gregg? Think about those things well in advance; it may dictate some of your messaging with the buyer.

4) Understand Retail in Terms of Margins

Understand retail at least a little bit in terms of margins. Have a MAP policy and make sure buyers know you will enforce it.

5) Sell the Experience and Not the Specification

Sell the experience, not just the features your product offers. Buyers aren’t as concerned about those features. They want to know the problem your product solves, and the experience that it gives users.

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