Innovations in 3D Printing Right Now

Innovations in 3D Printing Right Now

3D printing is an absolutely fascinating subject and one with plenty of discuss. Already, this technology is changing the way that a lot of business is conducted – especially in the hardware industry – and that’s only likely to continue as we go forward.

Yang Yang tackled this subject in detail and discussed some of the most exciting innovations in the field right now. Yang has degrees in industrial design and engineering and brings a broad knowledge of products to the table. He knows all there is to know about design and production within the 3D industry and has an in-depth understanding of everything from customized jewelry to medical technology. He has worked with 3D printing on large and small scales and in one project worked on a 3D printer capable of printing entire cars!

Key Takeaways

Yang covered many very interesting points during his discussion. For the full talk, be sure to check out the video on this page. Here are just a few of the best takeaway points, however:

  • 3D printing is not a revolution of technology but rather just a tool – just like any power tool.
  • So if 3D printing is not so revolutionary, what is the key ingredient that has led to such innovation? Yang believes it is you – the workman and not the tool.
  • 3D printing takes effort – don’t expect this to be a quick and easy way to create products. It requires skill, effort and patience. The best experts will have a good understanding of not only product design but also electronic engineering, coding and more.
  • Your point of view may change when you get to grips with 3D printing. When you realize that so much around you can now be created that much more quickly, it certainly creates something of a paradigm shift…

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