Hardware Prototyping Deep Dive: You vs. the Unknown

Hardware Prototyping Deep Dive: You vs. the Unknown

Discover what to expect in cutting edge technology from Angela May of MistyWest.



1. Pushing a boundary of performance, cost, or time to deliver.

2. Creating a technology that doesn’t exist.

3. Disrupting an existing market.


1. People. What characteristics should you look for when building your team?         

  • Multidisciplinary – they are able to push outside of their expertise.      
  • First Principles Focus – back to the basics is important.                 
  • Weird Tolerance – high tolerance for weird situations.                 
  • Sense of Humor – a little levity helps the team get through stressful situations.
  • Hands-On Experience – they know how to work through problems.                ~     
  • Passion – passionate about the common goal of the team.                

**Don’t forget that your manufacturing partners and clients are part of your team too!


2. Environment. How to achieve peak performance.                 

  • Common goal vs. personal ego.                 
  • Support individual learning.                 
  • Every role is equally important.                 
  • Communicate risks.                 
  • Failure is normal and OK.                
  • Vulnerability is OK.

3. Resources: Technology, Team, Time 

  • Technology – Use your trusted tools and focus on the core problem. Combine cutting edge tech with tried and true.
  • Team of Experts – Build a strong network of experts you can turn to. There’s no substitution for experience!
  • Time ($$$) – Have a contingency and fallback plan – expect things to go wrong.

4. Processes                

  • No bad ideas in brainstorming.                 
  • You’re not the first.                 
  • Try not to reinvent the seal.                 
  • Don’t break the laws (of Physics).                 
  • Fail FAST                 
  • Iterate!                 
  • There will be unknown unknowns.

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About The Speaker

Angela May

Angela May

Design Engineer, MistyWest

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