Get Your Shipping Right

Get Your Shipping Right

The Hardware Massive San Francisco chapter came together to hear from Laura Behrens Wu, co-founder and CEO, Shippo. Laura co-founded Shippo after experiencing personal difficulties arranging shipping for her own e-commerce business. Now, Shippo serves more than 10,000 merchants, shipping millions of items each month. During her presentation, Laura shows how hardware developers can make shipping matter, as it’s often one of the first impressions a buyer will receive of your product.

Key Takeaways

1) Don’t over-promise different perks before shipping

Most startup founders don’t think about their shipping options when they first get started. Generally, they don’t address the issue until they have an actual need to send something to a consumer. By this time, though, they could have easily promised recipients perks that may seem simple, but that can add up in shipping costs for the startup.

Minimize the amount of items and variations a consumer can purchase, to cut costs when it comes to shipping materials and packaging. For many startups, especially those sending items as part of a crowdfunding campaign, it’s easiest to just offer one or two different purchase options.

Then, be aware of how those different purchase options, their sizes and amounts will affect your package sizing and costs. Carriers charge by speed, whether you want ground or fast shipping, and they also charge by size and weight. Think about what kind of box size you need to fit your purchase options, and make the most cost-effective choice as soon as possible.

2) Verify your customers’ information

Before shipping out a first batch of crowdfunded products, make sure that your customers’ addresses are still the same. A lot of time can pass between them signing up to back your product and your actual first ship date. It’s always safer to be proactive, than to fix a shipping problem after a product has already shipped.

3) Free shipping increases conversions

Free shipping is a great marketing tactic and can also drive sales. However, free shipping isn’t free for the startup. Make free shipping an option based on what works best for your budget, whether that’s free shipping for purchases over a certain dollar amount, free shipping for every single purchase or free shipping as an option when a customer is willing to wait longer to receive their delivery.

4) Customers love tracking

Customers love being able to track their shipments, and it’s a good way to keep them happy and occupied while they wait for their package to arrive. Almost 70 percent of all customers expect to receive a live tracking number within 24 hours of making an online purchase.

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