Developing Complex Hardware and Software Solutions: Lessons from Developing an AI Robot Line

Developing Complex Hardware and Software Solutions: Lessons from Developing an AI Robot Line

Gavenraj Sodhi shares his real-life experiences about what it takes to build and bring to market a complex hardware and software solution. Building a smart AI robot is certainly no easy task and Sodhi gives a unique perspective on the grit and drive necessary to find passion and success in every endeavor.

During his AI robot development experience, Sodhi identified key aspects to the process. Here, he shares them with us:

  • What is your dream? When developing a new product or solution, it always starts off with a dream. What do you want to accomplish?
  • Identify the problem. Once you know the dream, you need to identify the problem you are trying to solve. If you don’t have a problem., you are trying to solve something that nobody really wants or needs.
  • How do you know it’s your passion? Remember to find your passion. (it’s probably right in front of you!)
  • Put your fears in its place. Everybody has fear. To acknowledge your fear is the first, most important thing. Fear is something you have to engage and surrounding yourself with intelligent people will help you defeat your fear and give you different perspectives.
  • Realization of passion defines who you are! It’s not just about building a great product. It’s about the journey you experience and can share with others.
  • Passion translates into solution. Use demo groups to gain feedback. Resubmit the feedback into the product development process.
  • Passion is shared by a lot of people. Everyone comes from a different walk of life, but sharing your passion, journey, and experience with others is important.
  • Ignite your passion. Follow through with execution and don’t give up! It may be a long road, but it will be worth it. Don’t be distracted by criticism and remember to taste your success!

Remember, what can go wrong, often does. But, the key is not to be stopped. Start thinking that everything is possible, no matter how rough it gets. That will test your strength, and with experience and strength, you can accomplish anything!

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About The Speaker

Gavenraj Sodhi

CEO, Solbit Group

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