Artificial Intelligence: Making Changes in Manufacturing

Artificial Intelligence: Making Changes in Manufacturing

Artificial Intelligence is becoming more popular in high-precision manufacturing processes. Joe Zhao, Founder of AIATOR, a leader in AI Manufacturing, shares concrete examples of how AI can increase productivity today. 

What is AI?

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic right now, but often misunderstood. Quite simply, AI works through the use of layers, similar to the layers and connections found in the human brain. Basic layers of AI include:

Input – This is where the information is received.

Hidden Layers – Varying in quantity and based on complexity, this is where the calculations take place.

Output – This is where you receive the prediction, answer of yes or no, or categorize a product.

Advantages of AI

Artificial intelligence has proven to be self-learning and adaptive. It can also work well with nonlinear scenarios, adaptive to applications in new fields, and has a high fault tolerance. Often, it is a cost-effective solution to labor expenses.

Current Applications of AI

AIATOR has effectively used AI in multiple applications:

Environmental – IVANPAH was developed as an irradiation forecast system. Through AI application, IVANPAH predicts the amount of energy that will be generated. Success with this project is proved by more than 90% accuracy, 5x increase in execution speed, and reduction of hardware costs by 93% with the use of an AI camera.

Marketing – AIATOR worked with Tesla to develop an AI product used to determine the client conversion rate and help identify high-probability clients who will purchase their product.

IOT – Though magnetic sensors, AIATOR has developed an integrated AI algorithm for smart parking sensor solutions.

Manufacturing and Machinary – An adaptive AI parameter recommendation system is helping companies shorten the time to create new parameter sets, thereby replacing the need for high skilled, and often difficult to find, expensive workers.

AIATOR’s Competitive Edge in AI

Academic Frontier With a strong experienced team, AIATOR has the ability to customize AI models through modification.

World Class Indicator AIATOR is the first to apply a hybrid AI model into an energy forecasting system and the first to apply AI probabilities to the system. As a result, model prediction accuracy increased by 20% over traditional models.

Hands-on Deployment Experience AIATOR has developed hundreds of correlative algorithms and models that cater to actual operation. Many AI systems are stable and usable in the real world today. In fact, IVANPAH has been fully functional for three years.

Future for AI in Developed Countries

  • High automation level, less barriers for deploying AI software and hardware
  • Eliminates the aging problem of younger generations less interested in the labor force and helps close the age gap in manufacturing.
  • High standards for product quality and energy control.
  • AI will cut labor cost and improve product competence.
  • The manufacturing business involves rigorous thinking and step-by-step logic, making AI a perfect supplement.

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About The Speaker

Joe Zhao

Joe Zhao

Founder, AIATOR Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

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