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Fuel the Hardware Startup Revolution by Supporting our Global Community

Get your organization involved locally or globally and help us empower hardware entrepreneurs to bring physical products to market successfully.

We put your organization front and center at the heart of the hardware startup revolution by providing a unique online and offline experience for your organization to engage with hardware startups. Here are ways we help you reach the community:

  • On-site event branding for your organization
  • Media presence through our online platform and social channels
  • Speaking opportunities at your local chapter
  • Featured content through our Resources Center

Important Stats:

  • Total Community Members - 2500
  • Tota Chapters Worldwide - 27
  • Average Event Attendance - 30 to 80
  • Total Events Held - 120

Who Attends Our Events?

Hardware Massive events are attended by hardware startup entrepreneurs, industry professionals, thought leaders, and hardware startup service providers.

  • We see entrepreneurs with backgrounds in engineering, design, and marketing who develop innovative products in the following categories:
  • IoT Devices
  • Wearable Tech Devices
  • Medical Devices
  • Robotics
  • AR/VR
  • Toys & EdTech
  • Transportation ( Auto, Bikes, Scooter, Skateboards etc.)
  • CleanTech
  • Fashion (Apparel, Handbags, Smart Fabrics, Accessories)
  • Many more.

How Can I Support the Global Community?

Go Local! Want to get involved with your local hardware startup community? Consider the follow supporter packages:

  • Venue Supporter - Provide a space to hold our regular events and help take care of onsite logistics, setup, breakdown, and cleanup.
  • Annual Event Supporter - Provide the tools & resources to ensure your local chapter leader holds high-caliber regular events for the community.

Ready To Go Global? Our global supporter packages are for organizations looking to spread awareness of their company to our entire global community. We have different options available based on your current budget & marketing needs.

HardwareCon: The flagship conference & convention for Hardware Massive is held once a year in the San Francisco Bay Area. This event brings together the entire global hardware startup ecosystem for 2 days of everything hardware!  Go here to enquire about supporter packages for HardwareCon 2018.

Next Steps?

Are you ready to connect & engage with the Hardware Startup community?  Click the button below to get in contact with someone from our Hardware Massive team to see how you can support the global hardware startup community.

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