Speak at a Hardware Massive Event

Personally Connect with our Local Community by Speaking at an Event.

Our core mission is to help hardware startups to succeed by building a strong community that meets regularly to network and learn from speakers. We're always looking for speakers to teach and empower our community by imparting knowledge you've gained from your experience in the hardware startup field.

Why Speak at a Hardware Massive Event?

  • Personally network with our community of hardware entrepreneurs
  • Develop thought leadership with a vibrant community of Hardware Innovators
  • Help promote your services through your expert talk on a hardware startup topic
  • Gain international exposure by having the video of your talk shared with our global community

Good Candidates for Speaking

You're an ideal candidate for speaking at one of our events if you're a:

  • Startup that has successfully shipped your product
  • Startup on the verge of a major press push or product launch
  • IP Lawyer
  • Prototyping company
  • VC or Angel Investors
  • Product development company
  • Designer
  • Manufacturer
  • Marketing/PR company
  • Retailer

If you can speak on the following topics & themes, we'd love to have you present a talk:

  1. Individual stages of a hardware startup
    • Ideation
    • Business Modeling
    • Product Design
    • Prototyping
    • IP/Patent
    • Crowdfunding
    • Institutional Funding
    • Tooling
    • Manufacturing
    • Quality Control
    • Shipping & Packaging
    • Marketing
    • Sales & Distribution
  2. Lessons Learned from your Startup
  3. Thoughts from a Major Tech Event
  4. Broader Hardware Categories Such As :
    • IoT Drones
    • Robotics
    • AR/VR
    • Wearables
  5. Unique Regional Perspective from a City/Country/Continent

Speaking Guidelines at a Hardware Massive event

  • Your talk must provide value on a topic that helps hardware entrepreneurs working on a physical product in the B2B & B2C spaces
  • Your talk cannot be a sales pitch of your company (a talk which primarily discusses your services)
  • Your talk should be about 20 minutes (you can request the organizer for a longer talk-time for specialized topics which require more time)
  • You can use a slide deck to illustrate your talk
  • You must be a part of our community by creating a Hardware Massive profile

After Speaking at Our Event

  • We will edit video of your talk (if recorded by the organizer), and upload it on our Youtube Channel.
  • The long-form video edit of your talk will include your slide deck.
  • We will write an event recap blog post of your talk and post it on our Resources Page.
  • We will share the recap blog post, which includes video of your talk, through our social media channels and email announcements.

How Can I Apply?

To apply to speak at a local chapter event please click the button below to fill out the speaker application form. Once you've filled out the application, someone from the Chapter's team will reach out to you to discuss your proposed topic and the next steps in having you speak to our community.

If you have questions about speaking at an event please reach out our events team here and someone will get back to you within 5 business days.

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