Spring 2019 InNEVator

Fully-funded, 8-week bootcamp for early stage companies in the IoT field

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Spring 2019 InNEVator

Program Length: 8 weeks

Program Cost: $20k in cash and $15k in-kind for up to 4%

Brought to you by: University of Nevada, Reno Innevation Center-Powered by Switch

Investing in Early Stage IoT Founders

The InNEVator is a fully-funded, 8-week bootcamp designed for IoT, connected devices, and hardware entrepreneurs. It is a recurring program held biannually and is hosted at the University of Nevada, Reno Innevation Center - Powered  by Switch located in Downtown Reno, Nevada. Companies who are accepted to the program will receive guidance from industry veterans and partners, plus the necessary tools and capital to develop their businesses and products.

Accepted companies will receive:

  • $20,000 of funding in the form of a convertible note
  • $15,000 worth of benefits and in-kind services
  • Mentorship from successful hardware entrepreneurs
  • Access to a network of IoT founders

What is unique about InNEVator?

IoT is a multidisciplinary field requiring wide reaching expertise, making IoT an especially challenging industry to start up in. Founders need an understanding of software, hardware, mechanical engineering, alongside business acumen. The InNEVator is a structured program designed to fill the gaps for these companies.

We support companies we believe can be successful with a combination of smarts and hard work - we’re not looking for home runs, but singles and doubles. We focus on industrial B to B models where we can quickly identify large enterprise customers. In each program, we only bring in 3-5 companies that we provide in depth mentorship to. We’re not playing a numbers game with InNEVator, and our mantra is every company we accept can be successful at some level. We help adapt the product to the right market and the ability of the founder to successfully engage with that market.

Reno is called the Biggest Little City and is becoming the Biggest Little Stage for startups because of what this community offers. Reno’s local businesses and investors, along with local and State government have taken an active role in supporting InNEVator companies. Reno is poised to explode and IoT has become a local startup focus.

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