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Join the Manufacturing Bootcamp in Shenzhen and learn how to succeed when manufacturing in China

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Manufacturing is the most challenging stage of bringing a product to market and many companies don’t often have a clear understanding of the process, which ultimately leads to many problems and delays preventing you from getting to market. However, many of these challenges can be foreseen and overcome if people know how to deal with them.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an industry professional, the Hardware Massive Manufacturing Bootcamp was designed for anyone who wants to learn how to succeed when manufacturing in China.

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5 Day Bootcamp Agenda

Day 1 (Sunday)

Arrive in Shenzhen and have an opening dinner where you get to meet your fellow colleagues in the bootcamp.

Day 2 (Monday)

The goal of Day 2 is for you to understand the complete cycle of an innovative product and learn the pros and cons of innovating in Shenzhen. Then connect to two hardware friendly businesses that also offer co-working space.


  • Morning (training)
    • Why are we in Shenzhen?
    • Big Picture of Product Life Cycle
  • Afternoon (tour)
    • Meeting local innovation players for hardware and electronics

Day 3 (Tuesday)

The goal of Day 3 is to learn how to find the right suppliers for you and what to pay attention to. Also, learn how the local ecosystem works and what resource


  • Morning (training)
    • How to find right suppliers in China?
    • How to pitch your business to suppliers?
    • Tips for sourcing and protecting your IP
  • Afternoon (workshop)
    • Secrets of Huaqiangbei – a guided tour through the biggest electronics market in the world

Day 4 (Wednesday)

The goal of Day 4 is to learn what it takes to transfer your prototype to a production line in China. Visit a PCB assembly factory to see the process in practice and talk to the factory in case you have a prototype.


  • Morning (training)
    • Design For Manufacturing (DFM) in China
  • Afternoon (factory visit)
    • Electronics factory visit. Meet and talk with a PCBA factory representatives.

Day 5 (Thursday)

The goal of Day 5 is to learn when are you truly ready for manufacturing and how to pitch to potential suppliers.


  • Morning (training)
    • How to prepare for manufacturing?
    • Manufacturing documentation – examples
  • Afternoon (factory visit)
    • Injection molding factory visit. Meet and talk with an injection molding factory representatives.
  • Evening
    • Closing dinner
    • Night out in Shenzhen

What you get?


  • Content curation – based on group’s needs and interests
  • Program development and execution
  • Trainers – industry executives
  • Transportations (mostly private)
  • Venues and meeting rooms
  • Instructions on must have apps and a packing list
  • Opening and closing dinners

Survival Kit

  • SIM cards with access to uncensored internet (2-4 GB of bandwidth in 7 days)
  • Local Transportation Cards
  • 300 Chinese Yuan – just in case until you reach an ATM
  • Three weeks of paid VPN account to bypass censored internet on other devices
  • Emergency contact in case something happen
  • And a few surprise gifts

NOTE: we provide support for hotel booking – it is highly recommended that groups stays in a same hotel and convenient location to ensure efficient logistics

Additional Expenses

Trip Expenses

Some Additional Notes

  • Visa – the fee varies from country to country. China charges the same fee as your country charges Chinese citizens.
  • Flight Tickets – based on flights to Hong Kong. Boarder to Shenzhen is about 30 minutes drive from Hong Kong Airport. Most nationalities don’t need visa for Hong Kong.
  • You can share the hotel room with other participants.
  • Restaurants are more affordable than in your country.

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Next Steps

Join the Manufacturing Bootcamp in Shenzhen and learn how to succeed when manufacturing in China.

  • The program is designed and executed by industry executives
  • We value our clients’ time and efforts
  • We guarantee there are no fluffs and pointless parts of the program

We are currently taking applications for the November 4th Program. Ten (10) applicants must apply for the program to take place.

You can purchase the package directly below or submit an application if you'd like to speak with someone before purchasing.

Add-On the Manufacturing Preparation & Factory Selection Tour

Get expert manufacturing support and connected directly with vetted Chinese factories to kick your production off right. Finding and solving problems before they are built into the product is the best way to get to market faster and avoid the costly mistakes in manufacturing that can destroy your business.

Make the most of your in Shenzhen by purchasing this program in conjunction with the Manufacturing Preparation and Factory Selection Tour. This can also be purchased as a standalone program.

*After purchase, 50% of the program cost can be refunded upon request up to 2 weeks before the start date.

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Program Managers

Nick Dimitrijevic

Nick Dimitrijevic

Founder of Shenzhen Innovate

Since 2015 I've worked on 100+ innovative products. For project initiators and startups, it is a tremendous waste of money and time if they don't make it successful. Many issues could be prevented with a bit of know-how about product development processes and Shenzhen's manufacturing ecosystem.

Susan Xiu

Susan Xiu

Operations Manager

Susan Xiu has worked with BSG for over 14 years and has managed over 700 projects herself. She understands the needs of startups and how to execute on their behalf on the other side of the world. www.berkeleysg.com

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