Program Length
2 weeks Twice a day for 3h

Why should you sign up for this program?

You have an idea but before you spend countless hours and dollars in prototyping and development, you need to check off a few key boxes.

Our two week program will help you identify the biggest questions so you can make an informed decision on whether or not to proceed with the potential opportunity and, if so, we’ll help you define the best path to market.

*The Hardware Massive Elevate Program is a customized approach, so the agenda below is just an example of the scope of topics we cover. Your program will be built to maximize your startup success

Elevater Tier 1

What Does The Program Consist Of?


Templates to Organize the Critical Information

Product Requirements Document, BOM (Bill of Materials), Executive Summary and Competitive Analysis Value Proposition.

Expert Team Comprehensive Review

Based on the information you provide, our hardware startup expert core team will review and discuss key hurdles, identify gaps, and provide initial feedback and suggestions.

Startup Research and Updates

Startup will then research and update their plan and information based on expert team’s suggestions.

Final Report

A final report will be provided that assesses the overall viability of the product/idea/business, the gaps that need to be addressed, and the advice for go-to-market strategy.


  • Identify Key Unknowns
  • Assess and Define Market Viability
  • Reveal Go-To Market Hurdles
  • Understand Key Technical Hurdles
  • Prepare Answers for Next Funding Round

Learn from the Hardware Massive Experts

Examples of our experts

Mary Vincent

Mary Vincent

Health Tech Founder & EIR SK Telecom

Over 13 years leading Technology Product and System Development across multiple industries spanning software to hardware working in diverse environments where I have been successful in both enterprise and startups. Advises global technology, lifescience and investment companies i.e. SK Telecom.

Michael Carter

Michael Carter

I help people help people learn

Focus on learning, digital media, and games as well as strategy, research, design, and development. Michael advises incubators, seed funds and startups who seek to change the landscape of learning.

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