HardwareCon Breakout Series: Misconceptions of Patents...and How to Leverage Their True Value

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HardwareCon Breakout Series: Misconceptions of Patents...and How to Leverage Their True Value

Held: 24th March 2017

Venue: ZNE Center

In this HardwareCon session, Peter Miller, Founder & Partner at Run8 Patent will share industry insights on the misconceptions of patents and how to leverage their true value. Peter has filed several hundred patents for firms from the hardware and software community. After graduating from Stanford he spent time working at Crave Innovations a consumer electronics company and defense company making, Klytyrons. His interest in understanding patents and leveraging the power they wield comes from his grad school days where he worked on patent and intellectual property law portfolios for 4 good years.

His work as a founder and partner at Run8 involves working with hardware and software startups in recognizing value and building on it. He also provides time-tested advice on maximizing limited capital and resources to hardware start-ups stuck in a rut. 

What will Peter’s session cover?

The session will focus on educating hardware startups and developers on why and when you should consider filing for a patent. The power of patents as a bargaining chip for hardware startups looking to raise capital will also be discussed. Peter will also provide use cases youcan relate to in respect of your start-up patent requirements.

What will you take away from this session? 

This session will provide you with the necessary tools need to make smart decisions with your ideas or concepts. Hardware startups and designers will acquire the skills to gauge unique products, patent them and raise capital through these patents. The in-depth nature of this session will give you the practical knowledge needed to create a viable patent strategy.

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About The Speaker

Peter Miller

Peter Miller

Founder & Partner at Run8 Patent Group

Peter Miller is a registered Patent Agent and founder of Run8 Patent Group, a San Francisco Bay Area patent prosecution firm specializing in developing patent strategies and building high-value, highly-effective patent portfolios for technology startups. He has filed several hundred patent applications on a broad range of hardware and software technologies, including medical devices, manufacturing systems, vehicle technologies, food systems, drones, Internet security, agricultural systems, IoT, and wearable devices. Corey Lynn Murphey is a registered Patent Agent at Run8 Patent Group and mechanical engineer specializing in thermofluids, manufacturing, computational analysis, and biomechanics. Together, Peter and Corey design patent strategies and build patent portfolios for startups developing the new technologies in hardware, software, and everything in between.

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