The Hardware Entrepreneur Podcast Episode 9: Commercializing The First Robotic Touch Sensing That Uses Light

2nd January 2018


This week's guest is Ákos Dömötör, CEO of OptoForce, Hungary. In this episode we bring you the world of robotics closer to you, discussing how they feel, i.e. how they touch and trends in the robotic field. We also get a insight into how Ákos and his team differentiates their company from competitors, iterated on the business model a number of times to reach the current version that works. They also talked about the manufacturing aspect and the challenges they face. 

Ákos Dömötör has with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and two Master’s in Management, started out in the global graduate program at LEGO, then taking up a position in Denmark. He then left the creative space in Denmark in 2014 to be the CEO of his venture, OptoForce, in his native land, Hungary. In 2015 OptoForce, producer of force/torque sensors for industrial and service robots, gained a huge revenue growth of 600% and now works with some of the most important robotic companies, universities in the world.

In this episode we elaborate on the robotic sensing, the highlights as seen below.

Episode Notes

  • Balint’s introduction - [1:47]
  • OptoForce’ technology defined - [2:44]
  • Motivation for joining the company - [3:54]
  • Field of robotics today - [5:28]
  • Differentiation of company from competitors - [9:23]
  • Sensing using light - [11:08]
  • Technological maturity when Ákos joined the company - [14:03]
  • Iterating on the business model - [17:40]
  • Major challenges at the early phase - [19:57]
  • Keeping manufacturing in-house or outsource? - [23:07]
  • Advice to his younger self, while being satisfied with himself - [26:05]
  • The book that most impacted his career - [26:01]
  • His effective morning routine - [28:24]
  • Cultural difference against which he spoke up and the difference he embraces - [30:00]

Books / companies / links mentioned

  • “High performance management” by Andrew Grove
  • "Only the Paranoid Survive" by Andrew Grove
  • OptoForce

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