The Hardware Entrepreneur Podcast Episode 6: How a drone company overcame the limitations of indoor applications for restaurants & warehouses

5th December 2017

Junyang Woon Photo Ceo Of Infinium Robotics Singapore

This episode features guest Junyang Woon, co-founder and CEO of Infinium Robotics, LLC.

Infinium Robotics is a company which has been active in the field of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), and Vehicles (UAV) since 2009. Initially they focused on GPS-denied environments and multiple-UAV coordination technologies. They developed multiple patent-pending solutions over the past few years. Most notably, the company has developed a low-cost, low computational solution for a conflict-free and collision-free Unmanned Air Traffic Management Software that can be deployed on a wider scale internationally.

Junyang Woon, with notable academic titles of M.Sc. in Engineering from Stanford University, USA, B.Sc. from University College London, UK, has had his hands dirty in the field of drones for quite some time now. He started dealing with drones when serving in the Navy for 7 years, where he got vast experience working with military UAVs and today he hopes to apply the technologies for peaceful purposes. In his spare time, Junyang enjoys spending more time with drones, tinkering with his personal DIY drone, and plays golf, as well as spends time with his wife, daughter and son.

Episode Notes

  • Why to focus on indoors usage and its associated hurdles that they overcame - [3:46]
  • The roots of the company in terms of R&D - [8:49]
  • Safety aspect of drone usage outside and how another company addressed this point - [9:43]
  • How drone usage outdoors compares with indoors applications regarding safety - [10:38]
  • Do regulations allow drones to fly indoors? - [13:03]
  • What was the motivation for founding the company and the problems identified with drone usage? - [13:28]
  • What are other applications of drones indoors? - [14:58]
  • What is the status of deploying drones in restaurants? - [16:28]
  • Where would you like to deploy drones in warehouses geographically on the globe? - [17:18]
  • How did you put together and validated the business model? - [18:46]
  • When was the company founded with regard to the timeline of validating the business model? - [20:47]
  • How is the company funded now? - [21:27]
  • Where do you manufacture? - [21:58]
  • If you could time-travel to the time when you were in your twenties, what notes, recommendations would you take back from now to give yourself? - [22:35]
  • If you had to name one book, which one had the biggest impact on your professional career? - [23:33]
  • What is your daily, morning, evening routine? - [24:25]
  • What are the critical cultural differences that you encountered during your work and how did you resolve those issues? - [25:58]
  • What is the best way to reach you? - [27:55]

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