The Hardware Entrepreneur Podcast Episode 5: The Tough Journey of Building a Biotech Company

28th November 2017

Ep.5-The Hardware Entrepreneur

This week's guest is Federico Bürsgens, one of three founders and currently Managing Director of Finances, Hardware & Software at GNA Biosolutions. He is one of many who was born for entrepreneurship as he started his entrepreneurial career in high-school.

He did his undergraduate studies of physics in Germany, at University of Münster and at Universities of Würzburg, followed by Master’s in Physics in the USA, at University of Texas at Austin. Afterwards, Federico moved back to Germany where he did his PhD work in physics at Center for Nanoscience at University of Munich or LMU in 2008. He is author/co-author of 16 scientific papers on detection technology.

Episode Notes

  • What to do after the PhD? - [3:40]
  • Tough beginnings after incorporation but with no seed funding yet - [6:40]
  • Application fields for DNA analysis and their company’s uniqueness - [8:14]
  • Their current Series B round of 6 Million Euros - [10:24]
  • Differences, difficulties of funding rounds - [12:45]
  • Testing of the technology - [15:47]
  • Coming with a solution, looking for a problem - [17:14]
  • More about funding: during seed phase, in Germany - [20:16]
  • Founders’ triumvirate - [23:08]
  • Little funding, no salary - [25:02]
  • Hiring a new staff member: CEO - [26:21]
  • Manufacturing: where and by whom - [28:41]
  • Advice he would give his entrepreneurial younger self - [31:53]
  • Book that had the biggest impact on him - [32:26]
  • Differences when talking to investors and how he bridges those - [33:11]

Books / companies / links mentioned

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