The Hardware Entrepreneur Podcast Episode 3: Discussions with a Scientist turned Entreprenuer

7th November 2017

This week's podcast gues is Bernhard Petermeier, founder of CargoSoul, community leader of Technology Pioneers at World Economic Forum from Geneva, Switzerland.


His company was active in next-generation technology development to invent the technology that we know of as a component of the holodeck concept from Star Trek, that is omnidirectional transportation surface. 

Bernhard and podcast Balint Horvath were colleagues as scientists at ABB, a multinational company. According to Balint, Bernard stood out not only as a very creative engineer and scientist  but also as an out-of-the box thinker who is ready to disrupt his career (in a good sense). 

He has held former scientific positions with private and public organizations, including working as technology expert for ABB Technology Ventures. He authored and co-authored multiple engineering patents and founded his first start-up CargoSoul in 2009. 

In 2014 he joined the World Economic Forum, appointed to lead the Technology Pioneers program, consisting of the world’s foremost innovative start-up companies with the potential to significantly impact business and society.

In addition, at the same company Bernhard manages the Global Agenda Council on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. In this long interview they discuss many exciting areas, as outlined below.

Episode Notes

  • Motivation for founding CargoSoul, application ideas of technology - [3:07]
  • Next generation virtual reality: holodeck - [4:23]
  • Founding as a sole founder - [6:00]
  • Three critical points to consider during founding - [6:58]
  • Steps of founding - [9:30]
  • Outcome of CargoSoul - [11:23]
  • Not easily giving up - [13:33]
  • Education background - [14:51]
  • Funding situation in the EU, giving up equity (diluting) or not - [16:21]
  • Technology Pioneers program with past awardees: Google, Mozilla Corp, Twitter, …. - [20:18]
  • Tips for hardware entrepreneurs for founding - [27:14]
  • Shift of Venture Capitalists’ attention to a proven business-model - [29:02]
  • Artificial Intelligence: autonomous weapons - [29:53]
  • What he would give to his younger self if he could time-travel - [37:58]
  • His impatience with (some) books - [41:03]
  • His daily routines or the lack of it? - [42:29]
  • How he perceives cultural differences, especially considering Asia - [44:06]

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