The Hardware Entrepreneur Episode 10: How to think like Elon Musk

23rd January 2018


In episode 10, Balint elaborates on the topic of scrum with guest Joe Justice from the USA, President of Scrum @ Hardware at Scrum Inc, and CEO, founder of a company called Team WIKISPEED. 

If there was a black belt in his field, he would certainly be one of its holder. He’s a master of a type of project management and innovation style, agile, specifically he’s into scrum, which is the most commonly used agile framework.

Episode Notes

  • Nokia’s story coming to an end - [3:23]
  • Can you describe the Scrum method? - [4:36]
  • What the New Zealand All Blacks #1 rugby team has to do with Scrum - [7:09]
  • Some companies that use Scrum, especially in the hardware field - [9:17]
  • Situation with Scrum for startups in the hardware field, and small or medium sized enterprises? - [13:11]
  • Examples where Scrum has been scaled up, specifically for hardware - [16:12]
  • Tesla and their job postings; WIKISPEED competing against Tesla - [17:59]
  • How to think like Elon Musk? - [19:37]
  • The connection between Kanban, Lean Startup, Lean Canvas and Scrum - [19:50]
  • Two major obstacles for implementing Scrum framеwork, especially in the hardware field? - [24:10]
  • Countries approving Scrum - [29:17]
  • “the last of the old will still be the first of the new” - [30:16]
  • How the leader, the Scrum master or the product owner, can motivate the team? - [31:43]
  • If you could go back in time, when you were younger, what notes what would you take back to that time to keep it to yourself? [37:43]
  • Books which had the biggest impact on his career - [39:44]
  • Joe’s incredible routines to be super-efficient, super-energetic - [43:12]
  • Memorable cultural differences he has encountered - [46:00]
  • How to reach him - [48:47]

Books / companies / links mentioned


  • Email:
  • Twitter: @JoeJustice0
  • Twitter: @WIKISPEED
  • Twitter: @Scruminc

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