Introduction to the Hardware Entrepreneur Podcast with Balint Horvath

24th October 2017

Episode 1 HWE Podcast

This is the first episode of The Hardware Entrepreneur podcast. In this episode, Balint Horvath will elaborate on why he started this podcast and how you can benefit from listening to the episodes.

With no further elaboration here, below are the episode notes with highlights and some more information related to this first episode.

For the launch, I’ve posted three episodes from very different entrepreneurs.

He'd like to ask for everyone listening in the Hardware Massive community for a favor:
1) Please listen to one or all three episodes.
2) Then, PLEASE leave a review on iTunes. I will read EACH review and will consider all feedback, so your input would be greatly appreciated.

He has an amazing line-up for you of entrepreneurs from disparate fields sharing their experiences of building their company. 

Episode Notes

  • Chocolates and innovations - [0:48]
  • Is software really eating the world? - [1:35]
  • How I define hardware - [2:14]
  • Problem statement and my mission with the podcast - [3:14]
  • What are the major differences between hardware and software? Hardware as a trend - [4:17]
  • Local and global hardware landscape - [5:14]
  • How I see podcasts and identifying the gap - [7:14]
  • How I got to this point: my journey - [8:29]
  • Startups vs Entrepreneurship - [10:55]
  • What are the most entrepreneurial countries in the world? - [11:37]
  • Why I gave this name to this podcast - [13:07]
  • The future of education and its connection with entrepreneurship - [14:30]
  • Podcast formalities: format - [16:20]

Books / companies / links mentioned

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The Hw Entrepreneur Cta1

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