The Hardware Entrepreneur Podcast Episode 7: How a company radically cuts down the lead-time of electronics manufacturing of all volumes

19th December 2017


This week's guest is Radu Diaconescu, co-founder and Business Development Manager at is an industry 4.0 company, which is building the world’s largest distributed manufacturing network. They believe that electronics manufacturing should be easy and accessible to everyone. Swie is the next-generation platform for agile electronics manufacturing, guaranteeing the shortest lead time in the industry.

Radu is an electrical engineer, with M.Sc. in Management of Technology from EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland, and industrial experience at Honeywell. He is currently managing's business development efforts and sits in the Board of Directors.

In this episode we elaborate on the topic of agile electronics, the highlights as seen below.

Episode Notes

  • Balint’s introduction during the interview - [1:40]
  • Can you tell us about your company and the reason for co-founding it? - [2:25]
  • What is your added value when working with factories? - [4:28]
  • How does your company deploy industry 4.0? - [6:38]
  • Do you work with off-the-shelf components or you develop your own? - [8:45]
  • Their mission - [11:40]
  • Considerations about volumes of manufacturing: low and high - [12:55]
  • What factories do you work with? - [13:05]
  • What is your uniqueness on the market regarding lead-time reduction? - [14:35]
  • How did you reach the current business model? - [16:00]
  • What were some major challenges and how did you overcome those during founding as well as later? - [17:05]
  • What challenges did you see regarding funding and at which stage are you? - [18:40]
  • How do you see the funding situation in Switzerland or in Europe? - [20:24]
  • Next steps for your company? - [22:04]
  • If you could go back in time, what notes would you give yourself? - [22:45]
  • If you had to name a book, which one had the biggest impact on your career? - [23:45]
  • What morning routine or other routines do you have throughout the day? - [25:40]
  • Which cultural difference you wish you knew about beforehand and how did you resolve issues related to that? - [26:24]

Books / companies / links mentioned

  • “Black Swan” by Nicolas Taleb


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