Global From Asia Episode 6: Local Hong Kong Marketing Tips with Kevin She

7th December 2017

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Kevin She, founder of SCStorage – the biggest mini storage company in Hong Kong gives us some insights on local marketing in this densely populated region and how he combined billboard and TV advertising with internet marketing.

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Introduction of Kevin and his business SCStorage, established since 2002
  • Surprise appearance by his business partner Matt Chun, and also company spokesperson that we see on the billboards and TV commercials.
  • His marketing strategy for SCStorage, in a dense population like Hong Kong, so mass media works. TV marketing, billboard marketing.
  • Still leveraging internet marketing for the “final leg” in the customer acquisition funnel.
  • Focusing on local Cantonese language market over the Western (English market)
  • For their internet marketing – specifically Facebook – how to deal with content creation of English and Chinese.
  • How to measure the ROI of these various marketing channels. Testing measurement of “mass media” and benchmarking
  • How SCStorage started and was established.
  • With so many locations now (43), how do you decide which new locations to expand to.
  • The mini-storage model, is it similar to the US market, what are the differences?
  • How did Kevin and Matt meet and become business partners?
  • How much of their 5 million HKD monthly marketing budget is spent on online vs offline
  • 1 tip for a gweilo coming to HK from the western world to do a startup / small business? The key to the Asian market is to understand the local market and economy.

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

This episode originally posted on Global From Asia and re-distributed by Hardware Massive. 

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