Global From Asia Episode 4: Hong Kong Startup Scene Beginnings with Jon Buford

17th November 2017

Ep.4 Global From Asia Jon Buford

This is a jam packed session about how the Hong Kong startup community spark started and how the first coworking space, BootHK was established. Leading into Jon’s latest venture Makible which has traction and funding – Jon shares the story.

About Jon Buford

A startup entrepreneur, founded Hong Kong’s first co-work space BootHK and currently building up A Carnegie Melon robotics and mech engineering graduate.

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • BootHk and startup community in hk – Jon’s story of how Hong Kong startup scene evolved –
    in 2008 he was doing a project management system, 2009 Cyberport held a forum for technology startups.
  • StartupsHK starting to host coffee shop meet ups, “self help” for startups
  • 500 people at StartupsHK’s first Startup Saturday August 2010
  • Beginnings of coworking space
  • Hackerspace and Coworking beginning in
  • Opening in October 2010 with $15,000usd raised / committed
    in Wan Chai district, 1,000 square feet space. 15 – 20 active members working in the space at any given time.
  • Weekly meet ups, “Startup Monday” – From 6 to 8 people at those first coffee shop meet ups to a standing room only meet up at
  • During his time, he was transitioning for a new business
  • Makible story how it started – Started Makible – for crowd funding and better manufacturing
  • Makibot, an affordable 3D printer that was listed in the makible platform, was a huge success, and it became Makible’s flagship product
  • Future of Makible – a Hong Kong rapid manufacturing space by mid 2014
  • Makible’s Fundraising process- Process of raising funds for his startup
  • How to get a position of strength when raising funds
  • Tips for early stage startups in hk or considering relocating to Hong Kong

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Contacting Jon: Twitter – @JonBuford
Makibot 3D printer
Startups HK

Jon and Makibot featured on Bloomberg

This was originally posted on Global From Asia and redistributed here on Hardware Massive

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