Global From Asia Episode 2: Importing Insight into China via Hong Kong with Bas Van Der Wals

1st November 2017


Today we have a Dutch businessman based in Shanghai, Sebastian Van Der Wals, explaining his process of setting up a Hong Kong company, establishing himself in Shanghai, China, and building up his wine distribution in the Chinese market.

About Bas Van Der Wals & European Finest International

Bas is founder of European Finest International, based in Shanghai, China from September 2011. European finest, specializes in Old World wines, with leading suppliers in France, Spain and Italy. Their comprehension of the wine trade has given them the opportunity to strengthen their contacts allowing them to find the best for their customers across China. They offer an extensive range of wines from individual family-owned wine producers from all of the above mentioned countries and are able to offer many different appellations and all quality levels.

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Briefly introduce yourself and your company European Finest
  • So how did you get into this, is this your first business?
  • How was the process of opening a hk company? Can you explain how do you use your hk company for your business?
  • How do your customers pay you? Do you sell B2B, B2C? Cash, paypal, invoice and hsbc bank transfer, merchant account (if merchant account can you share what provider you use). How do you manage cash flow between countries and currencies.
  • Do you have other companies as well setup or do you run everything through this entity?
  • For listeners today, whats the biggest tip you can offer newbies to International business via Asia?

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

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