The Hardware Entrepreneur Podcast Episode 2: Empowering Women in Nepal by a Woman Entrepreneur

31st October 2017

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In Episode 2, The host of "The Hardware Entrepreneur" Balint Horvath interviews Anya Cherneff, co-founder and Executive Director of Empower Generation.

Empower Generation, with headquarters in the USA, is a social enterprise that connects women in Nepal with global hardware suppliers, which provide solar technology, empowering women to distribute clean energy solutions in their remote communities. So far they have launched 18 women-led solar businesses that collectively employ over 200 sales agents. These sales agents and entrepreneurs represent the only clean energy distribution network to reach the most remote communities in Nepal. 

To date, Anya Cherneff and her team have distributed 50,000 solar products, bringing clean, safe power and light to more than 250,000 people. In effect, she is dedicated to promoting women’s rights as human rights and her previous experience includes founding the Human Trafficking Centre at the University of Denver.

Balint Horvath met Anya in 2014 during TEDx Zurich where she delivered a very inspiring presentation. The episode will touch on many topics that were not covered in her presentation during TEDx, with highlights as seen below.

Episode Notes

  • Company mission - [3:06]
  • Her deep source of motivation - [5:57]
  • A year of learning tour in Nepal and applying the lean startup method - [9:07]
  • Business model - [10:40]
  • Reliability of men and women - [14:06]
  • Ups and downs as entrepreneur - [19:06]
  • Her call for product innovations - [23:39]
  • Two advice she would give her younger self - [25:38]
  • One book that impacted her leadership role - [26:33]
  • Her good and bad daily routines - [27:43]

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