HardwareCon Breakout Series 2017

30th May 2017

Experience the breakout sessions that inspired and ignited new ideas to hundreds of hardware startup entrepreneurs at HardwareCon 2017.

In these breakout session videos, key industry thought leaders from various backgrounds in the hardware startup ecosystem provide insight and practical takeaways on topics in design, marketing, manufacturing, engineering, and much more. 

Browse the breakout session agenda below from this year's conference and find a session that sparks your curiosity. Once you find a session you like, click on the title and you will be able to learn more about the session & presenter.

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Day 1 Breakout Sessions

  1. Going From Digital to Physical 
  2. The Shifting Landscape of IoT 
  3. Understanding the Clean Tech Ecosystem 
  4. How FPGAs are Shaping the Future of Robotics and Communication 
  5. Straightening the Lines of the Curved Path of Financial Vision: Be Investable and Successful 
  6. 7 Most Common Problems of Hardware New Product Introduction (NPI) & How to Solve Them 
  7. Securing Success in a Startup with Simulation 

Day 2 Breakout Sessions

  1. Computer Vision: Technologies, Markets and Opportunities
  2. Die Casting - What You Need to Know as a Startup
  3. Separating Fact from Fiction: The Realities of Selling & Distributing Hardware
  4. How to use 3D Printing for Your Prototype
  5. Modular Design Reuse for the Start-up Market
  6. The Power of Branding and Trademark Registration
  7. Cracking the Fundamentals of Sales and Distribution is No Secret – it’s just difficult
  8. The State of the Wearable Revolution
  9. The Two Year Itch: Building a Successful Consumer Hardware Company
  10. Misconceptions of Patents...and How to Leverage Their True Value
  11. Ultra Low-power Design Techniques
  12. Supporting Emerging Technologies

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