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Hardware Massive is the global community platform for hardware entrepreneurs, industry professionals, and support companies to access hardware startup events in their local communities.  If there is a hardware startup related event, our community of more than 25 chapters worldwide wants to know about it!

Since launching in 2015, we have listed over 200 events for our community members to attend. With an average attendance rate of 80%, our members are ready to show up and network. Spread your reach and list your event on Hardware Massive today!

What are the Requirements?

Your event must meet some minimum requirements in order to be published:

  1. All events or conferences must be relevant to the hardware startup community
  2. Conferences must provide our members with an exclusive discount code.

How do I list my Event or Conference?

1) In-Kind Community Partnership

If you run a local community group or are a company who holds regular events with 100 attendees or less, you qualify for a community partnership. A community partnership entails you promoting a local Hardware Massive chapter event to your community, and in exchange we promote your event to your local Hardware Massive chapter.

Partners Receive:

Ready to partner with us?

Community Partner Cta 1

2) Hardware Massive Promotion Package: $100

If you are putting on a conference with more than 100 attendees and would like to market your conference to our community, or are you trying to get the word out about a startup program, we offer a promotion package that helps spread the word to one or all of our chapters worldwide. 

You Receive:

If you have additional questions about our Hardware Massive Promotion Package or listing an event on Hardware Massive, please reach out to our global community manager here

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