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Written by Junaid Ali Qureshi

These days, we hear more and more talk about AI and incorporating Artificial Intelligence into everything around us; from controlling TVs to Airplanes, motion activated hidden camera, cars, camera for car, you name it!, any type of electronic out there can have some sort of AI attached to it, whether its controlling or just monitoring it. With AI finding a place in almost every sector in recent and upcoming times, requirement for AI knowledge will not just be limited to those working on its development, also product managers, stakeholders and other non-tech areas will need to have a basic understanding of AI, especially to benefit from areas that AI applications does have a significant impact in their business.

Here, we’re going to look at some of these concurrent AI trends that’s already expanding as we talk right now and how it is transforming our lives through many speculated means and fields in which it is being developed very quickly.

AI Development In Image Recognition

One of the major constraints of training AI and machine learning modules is the requirement of huge data sets. However, we are already seeing some real promising results with smaller data sets in specific training modules and 2019 might just be the year where AI development is democratized by such modules since having as far as 1000 images would be enough to train the image recognition machine-learning module.

Over the years, AI technology has made some success in image recognition, but there are still situations like blurry images, angular photos, and these is the areas were most techies struggle. In 2019, we have started seeing these areas being powered by better training modules, and such is being powered into our everyday devices, so that we started seeing something like generalized visibility that allows Spy cameras and other devices for example to recognize human faces, animals, objects, texts and even inappropriate contents as seen with the Amazon Rekognition and Google Cloud platforms lately.

AI Assistance Will No More Appear Exasperative 

 AI will start being significantly useful in every day-to-day life, while Google duplex project; a platform that makes phone calls for users is practically even becoming frighteningly realistic and thus - may end up being limited to specific use cases. The good news is that, Google has guarantee users that in 2019, duplex platform is going to be seen operating in most of our smart devices, most especially on Androids and Apple devices, and as people begin to use them overtime, the AI incorporated to these device will begin to improve. So in 2019, be prepared to let AI driven technology like Google Assistant and Alexa to take over more actions of your day-to-day life for efficiency.

More Employment Will Be Created While Few Jobs Will Terminate

In most cases, AI is not skilled enough to entirely replace human employees. But this year, we’ve already seen AI being implemented for many reasons, in non-heavy tech fields such as Health care fields where AI will create new technical roles to maintain the AI itself.  In businesses also - AI can learn and anticipate customers behavior making AI- driven predictions to be seen as precise and convenient in making work/life more improved and smooth. 

Considering all these facts, many people now presume that AI may enslave humanity by taking over the World from humans, so that employers and owners of corporations will now prefer robots or machines incorporated with AI tech over humans in performing task for them and likewise will replace humans on their jobs because of the tendency of 100% accuracy of output they confer.

AI Platforms Will Begin To Communicate With Each Other 

 Very soon, we will begin to see situations for instance, where a Smart AI in your car will speak to your phone to reach out to your doctor because it looks like you’re suffering from high blood pressure on the road, all the while also speaking with the traffic management AI to inform all the relevant authorities of an emergency, or a dash cam in your vehicle alerting you over a suspected trailing from a vehicle coming behind via an audible and communicating medium. This is what we are expecting to happen with AI tech in 2019.

More And More Non-tech Companies Are Now Investing In AI

While AI applications is mostly considered to be highly related to technology companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, this year will we are already seeing non-tech companies investing and adopting AI; we are talking about manufacturing companies, Health care, Logistics and more business sectors. If we take in the case of Health sector for example, AI is changing the game with its applications in decision support, image analysis, so that any ambiguity is erased when providing results in the screening and diagnosis process of patients. We can even see AI helping Health experts and Physicians in collecting information via smart applications and even using Chatbots as a means of communication with patients regarding their symptoms on a particular illness so that self diagnosis and uncertainty in prescribing medicines is reduced to a substantial degree, and hence saving both patients and Health organizations their time and money in the long run.

AI has greatly influenced other non-tech organizations at large, such we’ve seen in modern marketing, Energy, Manufacturing companies; where the recent AI platforms is greatly having a serious concerns about eliminating jobs with a more preference been given to sci-fi robots, because these robots will be capable of simultaneously acting the role of employees and at the same time perfecting the role of a Surveillance network in a business environs through sophisticated Spy camera networking in them.

Also in the media world, people are already experiencing outrageous capabilities in the form of advanced AR, VR and MR functional AI integration capabilities.

AI, ML And IOT Meeting At The Edge

In this computing layer, Industrial IOT will harness the power of AI for group calls analysis, also performing predictive maintenance on certain things. We will see Machine learning influencing the growth of AI due to the rise in its implementations, the fact here is that; machine learning will fund the middle ground between cognitive API’s and customer machine learning platforms and thereby collecting all this information in lightening speed.

AI Skills May Decide Peoples Future

With the impact of AI and systemized algorithms, there may be decisions and graving consequences while depending on machines to deploy orders to be taken concerning human – human psychoanalysis. Such cases we’ve seen in the detention and deportation of emigrants and foreign students from the U.S after they are been accused of failing a test orchestrated by machines and AI platforms. These descion making processes will place highly susceptible people at risk of being subjected to an unfair prosecution that is unlawful and thereby violating citizens international human rights obligations.

The Use Of AI Will Get Into The Wrong Hands

The hacking of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning is vastly becoming an apparent security problem, while most security companies are afraid that these hackers will use AI to launch attacks on them. As a result of these, the way we handle security may be changed by the impact of AI and machine learning thereby dramatically reshaping cyber-security platform.

AI Enable Chips Is Going Mainstream

You may say the system of cognification serves as a major concern in which many organizations are facing when integrating AI into their business systems. But we are already seeing these with tech giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon and others spending massive amount of money to incorporating AI into their platforms so it can scrape all these data and bring it back to them; that they’re harvesting. Taking owner of Facebook for example – Mark zuckerberg, doing interim service, becoming billionaire in doing so, while no one else benefits from it. In the nearest future, chip manufacturers such as Intel, NVIDIA, AMD, and Qualcomm will make specialized AI enabled chips to speed up the execution of an application such as innate language processing, computer vision and speech recognition.

Power House Nations Are Already Competing For AI Control

Many countries around the world are now struggling for what we can call “The AI great power race”. North Korea, and other countries are putting substantial resources into AI, Europe also; positioning all financial tools in catching up with these race may face economical problems, as we’ve seen in the case of Russia, with Vladimir Putin; (President of Russia) making some contentious statements, saying that “whoever rules AI will rule the world”. We already know these nations like North Korea and Russia will struggle in these innovations of AI, because they already seem to be laying too much emphasis on Military, but a new source currently revealed that Russia is already strategizing the use of AI military applications and cyber espionage in the form of Spy technologies to try and secure a pathway to AI development so that it can effectively compete in the AI cold war. 

AI Smart Recommendations

Compare to how past concepts of AI-based recommendations like recommending items for you while using your Smart devices or when browsing on the internet, it will interest you to know that 2019 has something extraordinary, such that AI will be able to interact with users via a natural language that people will understand, and with series of relevant questions that is geared up for the purpose of just recommending the right product for customers. This platform will be seen very useful for business owners in the future ahead.

AI Major Robotics Trends

In 2019, for sure, get ready to see things like Robots been able to do things like putting a watchful eye on our pets, children instead of the traditional nanny cams and Spy cams we use for these purposes. Yes, robotic companions, call it whatever you like, big companies out there are already investing in such outcomes that we will soon begin to see happening in few months.

Also, AI is going to transform delivery processes with the aid of robots, these robots are now designed to work in large enclosed environments such that they now do the messenger routine jobs for businesses and organizations. It doesn’t stop there, some also will be designed to go out to the streets to deliver your products and ask for any further questions regarding your complains or additional request.

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