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Hardware Massive provides investors, accelerators, and support companies visibility to a highly curated audience of hardware entrepreneurs around the world.

With over 5000 members worldwide in our 35+ Hardware Massive chapter cities (including our associated groups), our platform is the place to engage with serious hardware entrepreneurs making innovative products in multiple product categories.

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All advertisement are mobile optimized and have a campaign duration of one (1) month. 

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Reach the entire Global Hardware Massive community by purchasing our Premium Shelf Space Package. We will send out one (1) dedicated promotional email to our entire global community. The e-mail will be sent at the time you specify and will provide engagement metrics from your campaign. 

If you would like to learn more about our community, current advertising opportunities or to request a custom package please contact us here.

3) Sponsored Post: $600

We'll publish, distribute and feature one (1) guest article in our Hardware Massive guest article section then promote it in our weekly global newsletter and global newsfeed. 

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