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Connecting the Future of Hardware

Hardware Massive is the go-to network for hardware innovation founders, investors, and industry leaders to be successful. We provide resources and tools for startups and industry to build their connections and businesses.

Our Mission is to Connect the Future of Hardware

What is “hardware”? It means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but we define hardware as any physical product.

The reason being that building a hardware startup comes with a set of business operations that are very different than software, about 25 of them to be exact.

That is the reason you’ve heard that “hardware is hard”. Because there are so many extra business operations than software startups have, we think it’s critical to #1, understand them, and #2, find the right partners because as a small team you can’t do them all yourself.

Our Reach

Hardware Massive events began in Berkeley, California in a robotics maker space in 2011 and have since become an international sensation growing into a movement of over 6K+ members in 44 cities worldwide.

What Are The Benefits Of Joining?

Meet like-minded people who are creating the future of hardware.

Meet Our Team

We’re a lean, focused team supported by a global network of community leaders.

Some Of Our Key Supporters

  1. Autodesk
  2. Dragon Innovation
  3. Microchip
  4. Rush Order

How To Partner With Us!

We’ve partnered with dozens of electronics, development, and operations brands to share their stories and offerings with the Hardware Massive community. If you're looking to explore a sponsorship or partnership we have many ways to get involved!

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You can get in touch with Hardware Massive via our contact page to send us your ideas, comments or feedback. We would love to hear from you.

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