Together we are MAKERS OF BARCELONA, where Co-working is just an excuse to get together and make stuff happen. We are a thriving community of over 300 creative, innovative and business minded people from all over the globe.

The philosophy of MOB is that of a self-perpetuating, ever-evolving creativity loop. By connecting people, who may otherwise not have the opportunity to know one another, we open an infinite chain of possibilities for collaboration. Your new friend has other new friends, who know other friends, who you should really know. Thus initiating both a strong micro-community and a wider reaching macro-community. MOB facilitates taking these new collaborations and manifesting them into something real by providing tools in the form of the newest maker technologies--like 3D printers and laser cutters-- skill-sharing workshops, and open-sourced knowledge sharing. New discoveries result in new ideas and the drive towards utilizing community in order to innovate.

Let's make, explore, connect, and collaborate together. Join MOB or MOB&PAU today and get 20% off for the first 3 months in any of our memberships. www.mob-barcelona.com/memberships

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