Can IoT make our food chain safer and more sustainable?

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Los Angeles — Wednesday, September 8, 20214:30 pmNew York — Wednesday, September 8, 20217:30 pmLondon — Thursday, September 9, 202112:30 amAthens — Thursday, September 9, 20212:30 amSingapore — Thursday, September 9, 20217:30 amSydney — Thursday, September 9, 20219:30 am


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Join us to learn more about the latest in IoT and connect with all your favorite IoT peeps.

On September 8, 4:30 PM PT, we will be hosting another event to discuss the question: “Can IoT Make Our Food Chain Safer and More Sustainable?” We will have an expert panel share the IoT trends and applications in the AgTech industry, and we’ll cover the following topics:

1. IoT sensors to improve agricultural productivity
2. IoT solutions to reduce packaging at the point of purchase
3. State of the market in Ag-Tech regarding new IoT innovations

Agenda (all times in Pacific Time):

4:30pm - Opening remarks from Hardware Massive and IoTerra
4:35pm - Panelists share the current solutions they have been developing
4:45pm - Panel discussion
5:10pm - Audience Q&A
5:20pm - Each audience member gets 30 secs to introduce themselves
5:35pm - General Networking
6pm - Event ends

Here’s a quick overview of our panelists:

Gabriel Coch
Professional with over twenty five years of experience designing and implementing location-aware software solutions to facilitate business decisions across multiple industries. Leader of teams responsible for implementing technologies that leverage spatial data to improve processes or activities, such as building cars (i.e. BMW manufacturing), maintaining healthy crops (i.e. AgroPatterns) and supporting emergency response/disaster relief efforts (i.e. Southeast Asia Tsunami, Katrina and Haiti Hurricane relief efforts).

Rory Nugent
Rory is an experienced engineer and technologist who has worn many hats throughout his professional career. He has developed custom technology for artists and museums, engineered award winning toy and educational products, traveled abroad to help usher products through testing and mass production runs, and asserted leadership as an engineering manager and educator.

David Conway
He started Purcell​ after ​realizing ​the ​answer ​to ​reducing ​the ​amount ​of ​trash ​produced by ​the ​average ​US ​household ​relies ​heavily ​on ​the ​elimination ​of ​food ​packaging. ​Food ​packaging comprises ​75% ​of ​American ​household ​waste, ​approximately ​73 ​million ​tons ​per ​year. ​Hinging ​on ​the idea ​that ​reducing ​waste ​long-term ​is ​an ​economically ​sustainable ​model, Purcell not ​only ​promises to ​reduce ​waste but ​also ​boost ​profits ​to ​stores ​and ​increase ​customer ​savings.

John Jefferson
Startup Founder and successful consulting professional with extensive experience building strategic partnerships and sales to drive revenue generation and growth. Proven ability developing business opportunities in emerging technologies such as applications for spectroscopy, IoT, agtech, and early stage company partnerships and platform technology integration. Leverages creativity, thought leadership and innovation to give clients competitive advantage in high level access to clients, sales opportunity lead generation and market penetration.

We’ll be saving some time for networking at the end, so this will also be a great opportunity for you to get together with other hardwarians and IoT and engineering pros.

The IoT Recon Series of events is made possible with our partnership with Ioterra. Ioterra is THE place to go to find the talent to solve your IoT challenges if you're hiring, and the place to go to solve IoT problems if you are that talent.

Don’t forget to mark your calendar, and we hope to see you!