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Los Angeles — Wednesday, August 25, 20214:30 amNew York — Wednesday, August 25, 20217:30 amLondon — Wednesday, August 25, 202112:30 pmAthens — Wednesday, August 25, 20212:30 pmSingapore — Wednesday, August 25, 20217:30 pmSydney — Wednesday, August 25, 20219:30 pm


This is an online event


Join our esteemed panelists to hear the latest around how IoT technology is and can be applied to abating our annual wildfire challenges.

As part of The IoT Recon Series, the IoT community will virtually gather again for an afternoon of discussion to explore the effectiveness of IoT in combating wildfires and wildfire damage.

We invite you to join us on Wednesday, August 25, 4:30 PM PT to hear from our industry experts as they discuss:

1. Drones dropping payloads to put out fires

2. Sensors to identify fires when they are still small enough to be put out

3. The networks needed to facilitate communication between IoT devices across those vast distances

4. Other creative IoT solutions...

With the rise of IoT technologies, research professionals and IoT companies are looking into solutions to combat life-threatening disasters, including wildfires. What creative tech and applications in IoT can be used to prevent and mitigate wildfire damage?

This event is also a great opportunity to network with IoT and engineering professionals and learn about the latest technologies and trends from industry experts.

Agenda (all times in Pacific Time):

4:30pm - Opening remarks from Hardware Massive and IoTerra

4:35pm - Panelists share the current solutions they have been developing

4:45pm - Panel discussion

5:10pm - Audience Q&A

5:20pm - Each audience member gets 30 secs to introduce themselves

5:35pm - General Networking

6pm - Event ends


Matt Tolentino
Matthew Tolentino is the Founder and CEO of Namatad Inc. and an Assistant Professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Washington. He is also the Founding Director of the Intelligent Platform & Architecture Research Lab that focuses on system-level research to embed intelligence into cost and compute-constrained devices at the network edge. He founded Namatad Inc. to commercialize this first responder situational awareness system.

Joshua Resnick
Joshua brings a passion for groundbreaking technology and years of hybrid and electric powertrain expertise to Parallel Flight Technologies. Prior to founding PFT, he led system architecture and electrical engineering for the Tesla Semi Truck program. Before moving to California, he led state-funded research for the State of Alaska developing hybrid electric commercial fishing boats. When he is not designing the future, Joshua enjoys flying RC helicopters and hiking.

Kerry Shih
Kerry is a serial product creator and have built 5 technology companies to date. His wins and losses have taught him how to find what the market will care about in the context of a solution and not the other way around. His product interests tend to be in Enterprise and IoT. He had a blast working with the ever-impressive talent in Southern California and Los Angeles where he calls home. From Most Recent: OStream, Ripl Networks, Trusted Sky, RiverBox, Servera & Communicado.

Jake Lister
Jake is a dynamic IT professional with a history of success in network administration and helpdesk support, a passion for software development and client scripting, and the proven ability to lead teams in both virtual and non-virtual technology environments. Throughout his career in both the military and private sectors, He served as a champion for change, improvement, and transformation through an organization’s systems, software, or services.

The IoT Recon Series of events is made possible with our partnership with Ioterra. Ioterra is THE place to go to find the talent to solve your IoT challenges if you're hiring, and the place to go to solve IoT problems if you are that talent. Thank you Ioterra for making this possible!

We look forward to seeing you there :)