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Thursday, February 13, 2020From 3:30 pm to 8:45 pm


3410 Hillview Avenue
Palo Alto, CA 94304


From science fiction novels to reality, artificial intelligence has become a mainstream technology poised to transform, shape and shift almost every industry that it comes in contact with. The sheer amount of data being driven by IoT combined with the growth of computing power and connectivity has created countless opportunities for AI startups to create game-changing technologies.

Industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, education, professional services, and retail are already seeing step function improvements through AI innovation being adopted in their businesses. According to the latest index report by Stanford, 58% of large companies surveyed report adopting AI in at least one function or business unit in 2019.

As innovators and entrepreneurs, we’re truly on the cusp of creating disruptive products and services that will impact our current society and generations to come. At Silicon Valley AI Half-Day Conference, we will take a closer look at the state of the market, current opportunities, funding focus and where it is all going so you can differentiate yourself in this AI Gold Rush.

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AI Summit Agenda

3:30 pm - 4:00 pm: Check-In, Refreshments, & Networking Session

4:00 pm - 4:15 pm: Opening Remarks, Sponsor Acknowledgements

4:15 pm - 5:15 pm: Reimagine The Supply Chain: Simplifying the Complex for Better Outcomes - There is a tremendous amount of data and inefficiencies in supply chain management due to the complex nature and vast array of interdependencies. With so many moving parts always in motion, there are numerous business challenges that are constantly impacting the bottom line. With more enabling technologies such as IoT being deployed these companies are now able to access even more data in real-time paving the way for new AI applications. Come hear from our panelists whose AI applications have already shown to have a tremendous impact on simplifying the most complex supply chain issues in key areas such as manufacturing automation, demand forecasting, delivery & lead times, customer support and warehousing.

5:15 pm - 5:35 pm: Networking with Light Food & Drink

5:35 pm - 6:35 pm: The Amazing ROI of Using AI to Optimize for Strategy and Job Function Performance - There are many ways an organization can leverage the powers of AI and the business case for creating AI applications for enterprise is just at the tipping point. With the sheer amount of data being collected by companies, there is an untapped opportunity to empower organizations to improve, optimize and enhance each department and job function with AI. Job functions throughout every industry including finance, healthcare, and retail are all seeing an uptake in the way AI technology is improving output and performance. This panel will consist of current founders whose companies have already created AI technologies that have created amazing results for other businesses.

6:35 pm - 7:00 pm - Networking with Light Food & Drink

7:00 pm - 8:00 pm - The Dawn of The AI VC Ecosystem: Investments, Innovations, and Industries - The hype of AI is very real and more capital is flowing into developing cutting edge AI technologies with real driven startups emerging. In 2019, global private AI investment was over $70B, with AI-related startup investments over $37B, M&A $34B and IPOs at $5B. Many AI companies are still in the early phases of R&D creating new technologies and exploring new business models. As this industry begins to grow, how does an early-stage AI company go about navigating funding their company throughout the various stages an how do traditional VC’s assess working with and funding these new AI technologies? This panel will feature leading Bay Area VC’s with AI-focused funds and will dive into their perspectives around key areas and industries they see as viable investments and what AI technologies they find most promising.

8:00 pm - 8:45 pm - Closing Remarks, Closing Networking Reception, with Light Food & Drink

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What to Expect at AI Summit?

The power of AI is indisputed, but as with any new technology, timing and execution are critical to success. As more research is conducted and tools are developed, the drivers behind AI need to assess which applications will be both useful and commercially viable. Key reasons for attending AI Summit are:

1) Understanding the state of the market and the industry players
2) Overview of AI technologies & techniques and their impact in core industries
3) Review AI startup funding focus and growth challenges
4) Assess the market need for AI applications across different business scenarios
5) Grasp current market trends and where opportunities lie in the next 5 years
6) Hear from cutting edge AI startups that are moving the needle

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Who Attends AI Summit?

- AI and ML startup founders, CEO & CTOs
- AI researchers & developers
- Data & machine learning scientists
- AI hardware providers
- AI-focused investors & corporate innovators
- AI enthusiasts across the industry in marketing, manufacturing, sales, finance, and operations

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