Full datetime event: 

Tuesday, November 5, 2019From 11:30 am to 1:30 pm


5353 Betsy Ross Dr
5353 Betsy Ross Dr
Santa Clara, CA


Today's ever-changing and uncertain tariffs have the potential to blow up your product supply chain. A carefully considered supply chain strategy using a tariff resistant approach can minimize the undesirable impact caused by fluctuations and uncertainty. Join us for a dynamic and interactive panel discussion led by two long-time supply chain and tariff experts, Shirish Joshi and Ron Keith.

At this session we will cover:

- How a tariff resistant strategy can be beneficial
- Risk mitigation in a complex environment
- “Hidden costs” associated with offshoring
- The difference between "price" and "cost"
- Tips for protecting intellectual property

Increase your knowledge of supply chain, and gain new power to get your product to market on schedule. Learn how a strategy crafted by hands-on experts can help you leverage an alternative sourcing network.

- Help you collaborate with new design or manufacturing partners; Assess duties and classification decisions;
- Deal with political instability, currency fluctuation, and circus-style politics;
- Manage risk for lead times, obsolescence, environmental compliance, natural disasters, and gray market issues.

Speakers (fireside chat format):

- Shirish Joshi, Supply Chain Practice Lead, PRG & Founder, Amphion Solutions
- Ron Keith, Founder & Exec. Director, Supply Chain Resources Group