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Tuesday, October 8, 2019From 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm


BlueThink HQ
655 Montgomery St, 8th floor, San Francisco


This deep tech meeting will be focused on new robotic concepts and advancements aimed at inspiring engineers.

Three experts will talk about three different topics:

• Automated warehouse robots with a new energy supply strategy not based on battery. This innovation has been tested for the first time in 2018 by a leading European robotics player, with the result to eliminate many bottlenecks around batteries operating in cold environments and short mileage.
• Solid state LIDAR for autonomous vehicles. Quoting Forbes "This startup has an answer to Elon Musk’s aversion to LiDAR"
• Commercial Personal Robot and CPR-Platform: the development platform allowing to build CPR-Apps or commercial robot solutions without needing to build the robot. An innovation presented for the first time at CES 2019.

This event is reserved to engineers from both Startups and Corporations dealing with the subject.


• Francesco Impari - Director at BlueThink US, Master in Public Policy at UC Berkeley, MD Aerospace Engineer, book author, scientific articles contributor (MIT Sloan Management Review) and public speaker (Stanford University).
• Harrison Rose - Founder and CEO of TRC Robotics, advisor in several technology-based startups, speaker on Innovation and Ecosystems in Silicon Valley (USA) and China, and Visiting Professor at Xi'an Eurasia University.
• Erin Rapacki - A recognised expert in robotics. She has worked to initiate the market appetite for telepresence robots, indoor mobile robots, and robotic picking in warehouses. One of these companies, Industrial Perception, Inc., was acquired by Google in 2013.


• BlueThink - BlueThink is an Engineering Consultancy that supports R&D teams of Top 500 Fortune companies by developing innovative products in the form of proof of concept and patentable intellectual property. BlueThink operates according to the methodology of "innovation through cross-industry technology transfer" - A methodology prised by both customers and journals like the MIT Sloan Management Review, which dedicated an article to us. www.bluethink.company

• Rush Order - a flexible fulfillment solutions provider for startups. rushorder.com/


5:00 - 5:30 PM - Doors open and networking
5:30 - 5:45 PM - Speakers presentation
5:45 - 6:45 PM - Main topics discussion
6:45 - 7:00 PM - Q/A and networking

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