Monetizing Hardware: USPTO (Patents) or Open Source

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Friday, October 11, 2019From 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm


SYN Shop
1075 American Pacific Dr Suite C
Henderson, NV


We will be meeting to discuss the path to profitability. If you have any of the following questions, please attend!
- Get a patent or list as Creative Commons?
- Manufacture domestically, Mexico or China?
- What does the future consumer want?
- How do I market my idea?
- Where can I get a license to sell my idea?
- What are the future ways to protect and publish my ideas?
- How do i mitigate the risks of intellectual property theft or arbitrage?
- Where can I get help in developing my ideas?
- How do I prototype a product and what do I do next?

Getting a patent from China may hold more protection and value than from the USPTO. How does an independent product developer monetize? After watching Amazon Prime video 'Invalidated', and having spent two days in the USPTO, I have lessons learned to share in regards to product prototyping and market development.

If a crowd source (kickstarter) gets any traction, China will take notice and manufacture, market and distribute before the campaign ends. Unless I pay an arbitrage with As Seen on TV (or Telebrands), a concept in the money can get hijacked and my patent submission would be denied or invalidated.

I also learned the USPTO is pay to play, beholden to its biggest clients. I discovered this in my visit and two day patent research, reviewing patents issued on that day in areas of IoT, hardware, AI and blockchain.

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