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Friday, September 27, 2019From 8:00 am to 8:00 pm


General's Residence - Fort Mason
San Francisco, CA 94109
United States


SERENDIPITY is coming back to San Francisco with a personal and professional development conference hosted by the digital networking platform GUILD. This summit will unite more than 500 women across experience and industries with personalized workshops, experiences, curated networking meetings, engaged discussions, talks, family-style dinners, and an opportunity-filled cocktail reception.

The magic behind these connections is both the catalyst of serendipitous in-person conversations and the GUILD’s AI-powered networking algorithm that coordinates 1:1 introductions between like-minded women. This combination empowers women of all ages, across all industries to build their network to achieve their goals.

The GUILD will host salons in a beautiful location overlooking the San Francisco Bay. Each salon focuses on a cross-industry area of development from “Investing”, “Emerging Tech”, "Entrepreneurship", “Leadership,” to “Women’s Health” and “Self-Care” with intimate, salon-style workshops, panel discussions and activity-based networking with mentors, entrepreneurs, investors and coaches.

Like last year, we're inviting engaging workshop hosts and thought leaders to participate and share their experiences and participate in the event.

Inspired by a need for change in the traditional professional development conference, Guild proudly considers SERENDIPITY an “unconference,” breaking the stereotype of lengthy stage presentations and 1,000 gala dinners. Instead, the conference is centered around three important values of development: learn, connect, inspire. Each woman leaves SERENDIPITY having shared authentic conversations with both speakers and attendees, developed legitimate connections to follow up with, and feel inspired to innovate their industries.

If you’re interested in hosting a salon, happy hour or gift bag sponsorship, please contact us here: guildserendipity.com/sponsor.

8:00am Networking Breakfast
9:00am Session 1
11:00pm Session 2
12:30pm Lunch
2:00pm Session 3
3:30pm Session 4​
5:30pm ​ Happy Hour
7:00pm Optional VIP Dinner

About The GUILD:

The GUILD expands women’s careers and lives through the power of AI, to create smart, human connections. With our 1:1 introductions we're on a mission to make networking less awkward and more convenient for professional women. We host monthly activity-based networking events aimed at providing our members with the opportunity to gain skills, promote their businesses and organizations, and share best practices (and a glass of good wine) in a unique atmosphere. For more information or to attend an event, visit guildserendipity.com.


Workshops (Leadership, Self-care)
Panels and Talks (Emerging Tech)

Salons and Experiences:

Panels and Talks

Conquering the Boardroom - Shannon Gordon, Julie Castro Abrams, Shannon Nash, Lisa Violet
FemTech - Women's Health - Nicole Dahlstrom +
Inspiring Leader Lighting Talks - Social Impact - Lisa Mae Brunson, Arjita Sethi, Shakeya McDow, Sally Rogers, Komal Ahmad, Kara Goldin
Investing In Change - Anke Huiskes, Trish Costello, Janine Fipro, Lyndsey Bouchele, Syl Yip
Emergine Tech Leaders - Nitasha Syd, Robin Parisse, Lauren Pfeifer, Veni Singh, Alex Eremia +

Networking for Introverts - Stephanie Thoma
Is Your Voice As Powerful As You Are? - Hillary Wicht
Rock Your Business Model - Maaike Doyer
The Thought Leader Formula - Robin Farmanfarmaian
Quick Pitch – Don’t be Caught Pitchless! - Donna Griffit
Inner Mastery & Creativity - Svetlana Saitskey

Facial Yoga - Elsa Jungman
Integrative Women's Wellness - Ruchi Puri
Say "No"! - Sarah Holtz
The Power of Story to Design Your Life - Melanie Vetter
Tools for Effective and Transformational Leadership - Anne Klimt
Unleash Your Creativity, Curiosity and Collaborative-ness Silk Painting- Ellen Brook
Write Your Own "User Manual" to Make Your Team Less Anxious and More Productive - Ramona Shaw
Managing Humans: Essential Skills for New Managers - Kim Nicol
Midlife is an Opportunity, not a Crisis - Terri Mead

Coaching Lounge - Maria Bailey, Arjanne van der Plas, Kim Nicol, Hillary Wicht, Anne Klimt, Rachael O’Meara, Ramona Shaw
Talent Lounge
Founder Funder Lounge (APPLY HERE www.letsguild.com/investor-entrepreneur) Many Many investors and entrepreneurs, Ha Nguyen, Anke Huiskes, Trish Costello
Product Expert Lounge - Connie Kwan

Visit guildserendipity.com to find out more about SERENDIPITY 2019.