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Friday, August 30, 201912:00 am




You are invited to participate in the next GUILD founder funder 4-week program - applications are now open for investors. The program starts in September and requires 4x30min of your time. Application form takes 2min.

Over the course of 4 weeks starting in September, we connect you with female entrepreneurs (pre-seed - Series B) in your sector once a week for a 30min video chat call for pitch advice and potential to invest to democratize access to investors.

Application Deadline: August 30 2019


The GUILD is a smart networking solution to foster meaningful connections across multiple verticals.

This program connects female entrepreneurs with investors 1:1 for advice, fundraising questions and the potential to invest.

We added vetted brand partners to this program to offer complimentary consulting on hardware development, branding and software development.

Check out www.letsguild.com/investor-entrepreneur for more info.