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Wednesday, May 29, 2019From 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm


Tech Code
385 East Moffet Park Drive
Sunnyvale, CA 94089
United States


Produced by Angel Launch, leading producer in Silicon Valley of tech events for startups and investors in partnership with Tech Code. For more info call: Angel Launch 310 621-6850 or Info@angellaunch.com

Are you a tech startup seeking seed, early or mid stage funding from angels for software, hardware, apps, devices or platforms?

Are you an investor or corporate partner looking to meet other investors to share ideas or raise funds for your next round, and meet promising startups and other investors?

Types of Tickets:
• Basic $10: Attend program, excludes dinner and fastpitch to investors
• VIP $25: Attend program, dinner and drinks, fastpitch to investors
• Comp Investor: Must be verified accredited or corporate investor subject to our approval.
• Pitch: Includes 3 VIP tix, pitch to audience, and shared demo table


Consumer and Enterprise Apps, Platforms, AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Entertainment, Big Data, Smart Cities, Mobile, Security

Internet of Things, Hardware, Chips, Robotics, Sensors, Devices, Core Technologies

Biotech, life science, ag tech, medical devices, food tech, cannabis, health care services and operations

• 500 Startups, Partner, Robert Neivert
• Agroecology Capital GP, Civik Denjoy
• Allegis Cyber, Associate, Yutaro Kawaoka
• BHG, Investment Manager, Michael Gurevich
• Cure Ventures, Partner, Janice Hou
• Einstein Ventures, General Partner, Hidir Mag
• GE Appliances , Innovation Manager, Yaping Cheng
• Global Vision Silicon Valley, CEO, Angel, Mark Iwanowski
• Intel, Director of Engineering, Rex Chen
• J-Angels Investor,| Advisor | Tech Exec | Board Member, Gil Frostig
• Keiretsu Forum , Member Investor, Marco Salvadori
• Kyto Technology, Director ,John Racioppi
• LTX VC, General Partner, Sergio Marrero
• Lyon Enterprises, LLC Founder , Bradley Lyon
• Ofilm Group Co., Ltd. VP, N. America Market Dev/Corp. VC Tristan Joo
• Paulson Investment,Vice Presiden,t Roy Liang
• Plug and Play Ventures ,Investor ,Rohit Gupta
• Sand Hill Angels, Investor ,Steffen Bartschat
• Silicon Valley Venture Growth Partners, Partner, Michael Louis
• Sparx, Investor, Jonathan Yan
• Sparx, Investor, Seiji Miyasaka
• Touchdown Ventures, Associate, Maitree Mervana
• Unusual Insights, Angel Investor, Rishi Khullar
• VU Venture Partners, Investor, Noreen Brar
• VU Venture Partners , Associate, Tristan Jennings
• ZGC Capital Corp, Head of Investment & Operation, Mengyao Ella Li, PhD
3:00-3:30 Registration, Networking, Snacks

3:30-4:15 New Compelling Business Models for AI

Speaker: Kartik Gada, Stanford Instructor and Investment Banker
This session, as taught in a class exclusive to Stanford University, will change the way that attendees think about AI, its implications for jobs, and how the entrepreneur can use AI.
AI has become the premier tool for accelerated business profitability and technological disruption of almost every other business.

4:30-5:15 What VCs look for in Early Stage Investing and Top Trends in AI, Blockchain and Crypto to Watch

Speaker: Robert Neivert, Partner, 500 Startups

5:15-6:15 Investor Introductions and Startups followed by FastPITCH

Here is how FastPitch Works:
Investors will sit in chairs around the room with a chair facing them. Startups wait in line, and every 2 minutes you can sit and pitch with a new investor for a total of 10 minutes. Investors who like your project can ask you for follow up during the reception.

6:15- 8:00 Networking Reception and Demo Showcase
Our events are free to accredited investors (angels, VCs, corporate or strategic) once we verify your status subject to our discretion. You must send us link to Angel List or Linked In so we can verify you are active accredited investor. We invite investors to give introductions before dinner.

Just register to pitch on this page for your number of minutes. You get to pitch for the minutes you select which includes a free shared demo table. You also get 3 tickets with pitching.

Host a demo table during networking to meet investors; customers, and partners. Includes Wifi and outlet . All startup pitch presenters get a free demo table

Startups for consumer or enterprise markets, sensors, software, cloud, hardware designers, tech, engineers, investors, consumer electronics, enterprise, web development, chip design,venture capitalists, angels, small business owners, media and entertainment professionals, retail owners, entrepreneurs, mobile, Internet, digital media, startups, service providers, legal, financial services, consultants.

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Here are markets we cover for consumer and enterprise apps, devices, services and platforms since investors attend from these markets. If you don't see your market here, give us a call and so we can add 310 6216850 info@angellaunch.com
• Aerospace
• Agriculture
• AI and Robotics
• Automotive and self driving cars
• Biotech/Life Science/Medical Devices
• Blockchain/ICOs
• Cannabis
• Clean tech
• Consumer electronics apps and devices
• Drones
• Embedded systems
• Entertainment: Games, music, video, tv
• Enterprise apps and services
• Environmental controls and Energy
• Food tech
• Health care, wellnses, medical devices
• Home automation
• Internet of Things
• MEMS/Sensors
• Manufacturing
• Media and entertainment
• Military and defense
• Mobile apps
• Security
• Sensors
• Smart grid / smart cities
• Transportation
• Virtual reality