Good Robots: Hear from the Founder Who Is Revolutionising Learning

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Saturday, May 18, 2019From 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm


The Dream Factory
Level 3
90 Maribyrnong St.
Footscray VIC 3011


Have an exciting idea for a new hardware product?

In this talk, Adrian will describe the windy road from initial idea, through to building a fully functional prototype of your product.

Learn about product iteration, assembling your core team and minefields to avoid.

Adrian Mullan is the founder and CEO of Norby - a startup building intelligent learning companions for kids. Norby is a Pixar-like robot, that takes all the boring stuff that kids have to learn - like English and Math - and transforms it into a fun interactive experience.

Adrian started his first company at age 15, building PCs out of his bedroom after school. Prior to starting Norby, his last startup helped large retailers launch their e-commerce websites in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and the UK. Outside of startups, he's a dad of two, bad snowboarder and combat sports fan.

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