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Tuesday, May 28, 2019From 18:30 to 21:30


Chuge Bar & Cafe
Building 11, Xin'anhu 1st Lane
Xinzhen East Road, Bao'an District


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In this talk, Linda will show examples of people creating artificial intelligence robotics systems with low-cost electronics to create amazing results.

Traditionally engineers have written very specific instructions telling robots what to do at every step. But now with artificial intelligent robotic systems, you can use input data from a person manually operating a system, then use this input data to make a "learning set" which the robot will use to shape its behaviour. We are moving from a new paradigm in robotics behaviour from programming to training.

Linda has organized the 72-hour self-driving car challenge where several full-size old gasoline cars were converted into autonomous self-driving cars, that show the self-driving car can be done with a small budget and hardware is not scary.

Linda will also be showing us her latest project to help more people build their own self-driving cars and robotics projects.
(www.crowdsupply.com/robotics-masters/robo-hat-mm1 )

Linda Luo Holds a bachelor's degree in financial management from Shenzhen University. She has co-founded three companies including Robotics Masters, creating hardware platforms for learning AI and robotics, and The Robotics Club, a non-profit start-up that aims to bring robotics to as many students as possible. She also co-founded Sharing Design company, an online platform for interior designers for getting the projects. But most importantly Linda has become a powerful community that Accelerate, Build and Create for an Autonomous World, enabling everyone to be skilled in Robotics and AI.

Women In Python
The Women in Python was founded by Linda Luo who has been in the tech industry for more than 10 years fighting for gender equality. Linda’s goal is to promote the inclusion of women in STEM through Python, which is currently the world’s most popular programming language.

• 6:30: Networking, Artisans Pizza, Beer & Soft drink
• 7:00: Opening, Demos & Pitches
• 7:20: Presentation
• 8:20: Networking, Artisans Pizza, Beer & Soft drink
• 9:30: Event Ends

• 6:30:社交,美食,啤酒和饮料
• 7:00: 开场,展示和推广
• 7:20: 小组座谈
• 8:20: 社交,美食,啤酒和饮料
• 9:30: 活动结束

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