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Saturday, November 24, 2018From 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm


The Dream Factory
90 Maribyrnong St
Footscray VIC 3011


Come learn from two local startup founders and hear how they commercialise their ideas and take the products to market following different paths. Should you license your invention or produce it yourself? How to structure the early-stage teams to take a product to market and the pros and cons of each path.

• Dr. Jamie Flynn
Dr. Jamie Flynn is Co-Founder and Director of Rapid Phenotyping, a new company focused on delivering real-time, accurate chemical analysis with light-based technology and machine learning. Jamie has a background in medical science, developing custom hardware to answer research questions, but has more recently been applying those skills to agricultural data collection and analysis. He now manages the development of Rapid Phenotyping's new generation spectroscopy devices that combine high-performance optics with miniaturised electronic and mechanical designs.

About Dr. Flynn's talk:
Dr. Jamie Flynn will be describing his experiences and learnings around building a good team, picking the right suppliers and effective hardware prototyping. Jamie will highlight each of these areas with stories from a range of hardware projects and technologies from the medical lab to the farm.

• Ziv Shalev
Ziv is a mechanical engineer, entrepreneur and an inventor. For the past 3 years, Ziv led his company Coffee Innovations to a commercial success by licencing few of their patterns to one of the largest global coffee machine manufacturers. Since then, Ziv have managed the development and commercialization process working closely with an international R&D team.
The first product is about to be launched globally early next year.

About Ziv's talk:
Ziv will talk about IP licencing as a viable commercial strategy. Expect to find answers to the following questions:
- How does licensing work?
- Should you license it or produce it yourself?
- How to find a licensor?

1:00 pm: Welcome by Hans Chang
1:15 pm: Dr. Flynn's talk
2:00 pm: Ziv's talk
3:00 pm: Networking and some snacks

This event is supported by:
FAB9 - provides tools, technology, and training for anyone interested in making. fab9.com.au/

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