What Is Changing in the 21st Century and What Is Its Impact on Hardware Innovation, Design and Industrialization

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Tuesday, September 11, 2018From 18:30 to 21:30


SimplyWork 2.0 (Fulizhen Building)
3F Fulizhen Building, 1 Kefa Road, Nanshan, Shenzhen


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Angelo Traas and Mike Mastroyiannis will talk about the technological impact of exponentially growing technologies focusing on innovation, design and industrialization of electronic hardware products and systems.

They will discuss the fading of industry boundaries and the importance of high scalability, at least 10X, as well as the mindset.

We will cover Trends and How-To's for:

Design phase
Prototyping phase
Design verification
Mass production phase

About the Speakers:
Angelo Traas
Angelo is a Senior Executive with 25+ years of international Business & Operations experience in the Electronics Industry (B2B and B2C), both for MNCs and for start-ups in China/HK. He specialized in Value Creation through M&A and is aggressively expanding China Business Operations. He is also an NPI-expert and Certified Auditor for Corporate Social Responsibility compliance and a Practitioner Member of the Asian Transformation & Turnaround Association (ATTA). He has a masters degree in Robotics (cum laude) and has been based in Shenzhen China since 2001.

Mike Mastroyiannis
Mike is an innovation management consultant as well as a business & management coach specializing in transformational leadership, exponential growth innovation, team breakthroughs and transformations. He has served three times as CEO of global business units in multinationals (Philips Electronics, Siemens). He founded and/or led 3 technology start-ups and has 3 decades of leadership experience with at least 3x fast turnarounds. He worked in both B2C and B2B industries (consumer electronics, digital communications, energy efficiency and digital lighting solutions) and has created and led innovative scalable global portfolios and systems.

主题:21世纪的变化是什么? 这种变化对硬件创新、设计和产业化的影响又是什么?

安吉洛·特拉斯(Angelo Traas)和迈克·马斯特罗伊亚尼斯(Mike Mastroyiannis)将讨论以电子硬件产品和系统的创新、设计和产业化为重点的指数增长技术的技术影响。


Angelo是一位高级管理人员,在电子行业(B2B和B2C)拥有超过25年的国际业务和运营经验,为跨国公司和中国/香港的初创企业提供服务。 他专注于通过并购创造价值,并积极拓展中国业务运营。 他还是NPI专家和企业社会责任合规认证审核员,以及亚洲转型与转型协会(ATTA)的执业会员。 他拥有机器人学硕士学位(优等生),自2001年以来一直在中国深圳工作。

Mike Mastroyiannis
Mike是一名创新管理顾问,也是一名商业和管理教练,专注于变革型领导,指数式增长创新,团队突破和转型。 他曾三次担任跨国公司(飞利浦电子,西门子)全球业务部门的首席执行官。 他创立并领导了3家技术初创企业,拥有3年的领导经验,至少有3倍的快速周转时间。 他曾在B2C和B2B行业(消费电子,数字通信,能源效率和数字照明解决方案)工作,并创建和领导了创新的可扩展全球投资组合和系统。

Event Schedule:
• 6:30: Networking, Tacos, Beer & Wine
• 7:00: Opening, Demos & Pitches
简介 - 谁想要介绍他们的产品或服务请上前去,每人2分钟。
• 7:20: Speakers' Talks w/ Q&A
• 8:20: Networking, Tacos, Beer & Wine
• 9:30: Event Ends

Please note that this event will be held in English.

Food: Taco Bar with Pork Carnitas, Shredded Chicken, Vegetarian Tacos with Flour Tortillas and all of the expected toppings

Drinks: beer, wine, and water

It’s eat all you can and drink while supplies last.

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